I’ve got my bio up and will probably add some things to it as I go along. It’s so long already, but what the heck. PLEASE read it as it tells a lot about me… not everything, but it can give you a good feel for what I am about.

Just got back from choir practice. It was so good to be there. I hadn’t been there since January when I started working nights. I had to quit because the drake’s schedule at work changed to 12hrs a day + 8 hrs on Saturdays. Real bummer for him and a summer for me, so to speak. I am home full time now with Gabriel. I’ll miss the money, but will have more time with him; and I won’t have to worry about getting us home in time so that I could run off to work.

I’m sort of an old-fashioned queen. I like to have dinner ready for the drake when he gets home because he can be a real fire-spitting dragon if he doesn’t eat soon after leaving work! Plus, you’ve got to understand that I am a full blooded Italian; and we were raised around FOOD. Part of my identity as a woman is wrapped around being capable and able to feed her drake to his satisfaction. Unfortuneately for me, I had to adjust that thinking a little because my drake is not centered around food. He doesn’t even want me to cook for him… >sniff< If I just opened a can of tuna fish, he’d be happy… so that is what I do, and to be nice, I add some mayo to it. That is my big meal! He is so good and easy to please…well for most things. He even insists that we go out for dinner when he wants to have salmon because if I cooked it, the fish smell would be in the house… cool.

Back to choir… This week, I will be the cantor(ess?) for one of the songs at a bilinqual mass… Ahem, I don’t speak Spanish. Not to worry, I can read it well enough to pass! So stayed after practice to practice this song and the bilinqual announcement of the song to the congregation.

I gave a ride home to Francisco (very nice guy). We had a really nice conversation about English, Spanish and languages in general. He will teach me Spanish and I will teach him how to use English. He really enjoyed talking about using language… and I did, too. I omitted from my introduction that I love to write poems and letters. Basically, I love to use and appreciate the use of language to express and enhance the writer’s personality and style of expression (is that the same thing?). I love unique, witty puns to the extreme! oooh, I love themed, pun-oriented stories. Does that surprise you? One time I wrote one about taking the car to a mechanic. I’ll just let your imagination do the rest.

Oh, I love to collect quotes, though I just lost my whole collection and really pissed about it. Here is one of my favs:

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and talents, and I lay both of them at His feet.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi