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Today, I will write about how this dragon couple got together; after all, first comes love, THEN comes marriage, T-H-E-N comes the baby carriage– right? Well, I guess we all have our opinions; but this being my second marriage, I can vouch for this to be a necessity of a successful, happy one. Anything else is the equivelent of a business arrangement. I am not going to go off right now and spout off more of my position on this, but trust me, this marriage transcends my last one in such a way as I never thought would ever be possible.

I was actually interested in someone else at the time of our meeting. Me and this other person really hit it off. He was very funny, with a devilish wit and I adored it. There were two problems, though. He lived too far away from me for a relationship between us to ever get off the ground. Another problem is that he showed no signs of a desire to settle down with a stable job. He wanted a woman, but I felt that without a stable job, he lacked a committment frame of mind. Was that fair of me? I don’t know, but it was a red flag that annoyed me all during our on again, off again long distance “accquaintance.” I did go down to meet him one Sunday. We hit it off, I hit it off with his friends… it felt so good. When I left, he couldn’t even bring himself to kiss me good bye; that is how shy he was. Well, anyway a few years had passed between that meeting and tons of emails and IM’s. He never invited me back.

Then, we picked up again with our IM’s and he invited me down for the weekend. He was going to cook a gourmet meal for me and we were probably going to realize some of the things we were talking about during those in between years. I was really looking forward to it. Then I get this email from someone from out of the blue (the drake). Apparantly, my profile was still up on Yahoo Personals (this was when it was still free) and he responded. He lived in NJ and I lived in NY. Why was this guy writing to someone out of state? He indicated that he was serious-minded, was looking to settle down, didn’t like the bar scene, yada yada yada. The same hype you always hear, yet it was the same hype that I, myself, subscribed to. We exchanged pictures, then talked on the telephone. Oh, I’ve got to say that the minute I saw his pic I was taken aback/disappointed because he looked a LOT older than he said that he was. Through the years of meeting people from the internet, I never had a truly bad experience; but I did meet someone who obviously lied about their age and I had a horrible time. I made it a rule for myself that if I agreed to meet someone, that I would at least follow through with that, unless I got a really bad vibe. Heck the drake and I both liked the same things.

We both love museums. I had never been to the Museum of Natural History in NYC, though I live in Brooklyn, so we agreed to meet there. I am not familiar with that area, so I ended up being NOT in the place that I said I was going to be and I was scrambling to find the main entrance. I was just running up the stairs from the subway and happened to glance at the first person I saw, of dozens, that were scurrying to and fro; and I immediately recognized him. My first thought was that I was going to follow him from behind to sort of spy on him before I met him; but he bushwacked me by recognizing me t0o and made a bee line right to me! He asked me if it were me and I said yes, so we walked, rather hurriedly to the museum. He said that he wanted to renew his membership before we went in, so we went into another entrance. He immediately impressed me. I heard him requesting a family membership. I had a “feeling” but shooed it away because I knew that he has a big family. Then the next thing I know, he is giving ME the secondary card. I didn’t know what to say and was declining it, but in the end I took it because I didn’t want to make a “scene” over it.

We went inside and spent literally the whole day there looking at exhibits and stopping to talk. Now the drake is a REAL walker. He will walk anywhere that time and weather permits and maybe that is even a stretch. I love to walk, too, but my feet have problems and I am prohibited from doing that kind of walking any more. On one of our stops to talk, we had a real, deep, revealing conversation. I knew from then on that his guy was serious about getting serious. That kind of openess could only come out of trust; or the willingness to risk trusting… and he was willing to trust ME, a stranger. That REALLY impressed me. When we were done with the museum, we returned to the subway. He insisted on taking me home…. to Brooklyn! Wow, score another point for the Jersey Guy!

On the train heading down there, I was staring at my feet, trying to make conversation and mentioned that I needed to get a pair of sneakers. He immediately wanted to make a detour to a store he knew so that he could buy me $100.00 sneakers. Boy, this guy was on a roll; but I was flabbergasted! Not too many people could do that to me. I flat out refused to accept that kind of gift from him. I was never one to be comfortable accepting gifts or favors from anyone. I’ve needed to practice my therapy, which is to force myself to accept offerings from people. Does that sound weird? I know it does, but since I read that refusing to let people reach out and do good deeds, is actually keeping them from experiencing the good feelings you get from doing a good deed. I’ve experienced this elation several times and could relate to that rational, so I resolved myself to be more accepting of people wanting to help me out in whatever way… though, I also resolved myself not to take advantage of anyone.

Oh, forgot to mention that his picture did him no justice at all. Remember the old looking pic? As it turned out, it was taken in full sunlight and it just washed away all his coloring and sort of yellowed his skin a LOT. The end result was an uncanny resemblence to Mr. Burns of the Simpsons! No joke! He was wearing a suit and he is tall, thin and thinning out on top… Great bod in jeans, though. Cute booty, too!