Okay, the drake left a comment for me, but he did it while I was still logged in; so it looks as if I wrote it until you get to the end and it’s signed by him. I waited all day to view it and he talked about the fact that I use the word “I” too much in my blog…. and I STILL don’t know if he actually likes it or not…..I need details! Doesn’t it seem unavoidable, though? I mean, I am writing about myself and what I do with myself. It’s a narrative, a journal if you will, about ME, and mine. I will have to toy with this idea; maybe writing a spot without a mention of “I” or “me”.

Hmmm, though he brings up something interesting to think about and I will definitely check out language usage in other blogs. You know, a while back someone I knew did an experiment and eliminated the word “that” from his vocabulary and said that his conclusion was that we really don’t need that word. The Drake always gives me some interesting, off the beaten path tidbit to think about. Thanks, Drakeman.