Just wanted to fool around with the video feature. This was an attempt to capture Gabriel “eating”. What I got was him talking, which is just as good, if not better. When I got this digital camera, I thought that taking videos would be too complicated for me. Turns out, it’s very easy… yea! My only limitation is the 16MB memory stick that came with the camera. I am looking to get one with more memory so that we can get longer videos. My nephew, Anthony, just got a reeeally nice camera that replays the videos back very smoothly. I’ve got to see if I can get something like that in the future. Right now, my Sony Cybershot serves me very well.

Just for the record, I am an electronic junkie. I love all the newest toys that are coming out. I am really enamored of the new Chocolate phone. Probably the next best thing to the real thing. I would not get it now, however, because I want to see what kind of bugs it comes with and wait until they work them all out. I just renewed for 2 with Verizon, so I am not about to cancel that out to get a free Chocolate with Cingular.

BTW, I absolutely HATE my new Razor phone. Very, very disappointing. Yes, it’s so cool in it’s thinness, but I find myself changing or cutting off the sound of my ringer when I touch the button on the side when just holding the phone to talk. The ring tones on this phone are very lame and you have no choice other than to upload other ring tones. I never had to do that before. My previous LG phone was much better to operate. Plus the LG phone allowed access to a contacts’ entry if a call did not go through, enabling you to choose another number to try instead of closing out of it, then going back into the contacts list. I find this very annoying, Motorola.

Apparantly, Verizon is finding ways to make more money off us. In addition, Verizon really screwed their customers by offering an inferior phone to begin with. First of all, Verizon Wireless only offered the dark one. Had I known of the pink one, I might have wanted that just to be different. Secondly, and more importantly, the battery charge on this phone lasts for “minutes”, not hours. Very low talk time, very low standby time. I have to confess that I did not do the research on this. I do not use my phone very often, so I did not think that the patheticly short-lived charge would matter very much, but it DOES when you have to charge it almost every night…. then after one call, the charge is almost all gone. To make matters worse, I checked out the Motorola site and if you buy the phone from them, the battery charge lasts MUCH LONGER. I guess you get what you pay for, but I hate that Verizon chose to cut down on the quality of a phone bought through them.