Well, little dragon is finally sleeping and I chose to surf some of the blogs here on WordPress. Thanks to schoolgirl777, I’ve decided to add a new page, something that I previously didn’t think was necessary. I will entitle it something witty, but don’t know what yet. I want a place to list quotes that I like and want to preserve. A couple of years ago, I lost two mega files, filled with quotes. Some from famous people and some not. A couple, even, from Drake’s late father… but I’ve yet to ask him to remember as I just thought of doing this.

I took this tonight of Gabriel helping me to clean his tray (and himself) so that I could get him off to bed more quickly…. WHAT A KID!

We went to our first mommie and toddler class today, if you want to call it a class. It was really story-time and crafts which was coloring. This was at the Roselle Park library, just one town over from us. I am hearing that there are others around, too; so we will be checking out all of them. Gabriel really needs interaction-with-other-kids-experience. He had a great time, though he did everything BUT paying attention to the story teller. We were the first ones there, but then two more kids came in and they participated with the songs and coloring, while Gabriel wanted to play with whatever toy they had (see what I mean?) Ah, I was the mommie who could just look on while her kid executed one kiddie faux pax <sp?> (you know what I mean) after an other. To his credit, he only cried once because one of the kids took a car from him and gave it to the other little girl because it was pink and matched her clothes. Gabriel persisted until he got that car back. I guess it really was a big thing for him. Well, this mommie was proud underneath, while she insisted that he give it back. It didn’t last long, and he kept it in the end.

Today this mommie found herself feeling awkward in this kiddie situation. You’ve got to understand that she never envisioned this kind of domestic life for herself. She sought to be cool and wore clothes that express identity. She even has a couple of tattoos! I never envisioned myself singing these kiddie songs OUT IN PUBLIC! I was not prepared for that this morning, but I threw myself into it to further the social development of my little dragon prince. You know, I didn’t know any of the songs, except for, I think, two of them. At home, we sing See Saw, knock at the door, who’s there, grandpa, what do you want, a glass of beer…. and so on. Gabriel loves it, but the storyteller didn’t know it. It’s really the only one I sing with any consistency. I never remember any others. Now, I know the Itsy Bitsy Spider, or remembered it. The other songs I sing to him are church songs that I practice for the choir. Then we went to color and Gabriel just attempted to hold all the crayons at once, but never attempted to color with them, though mommie tried to get it to click with him. We ended up with a half colored apple, but I didn’t save it because it was all me. Got to get that kid some crayons. Then we went to play a while with the toys and books. Gabriel loved this, totally. Next time we go, mommie will wear stretch jeans!

After that, we headed off to just drive so Gabe could fall asleep. We found ourselves in Cranford and went into the thrift shop. Got Gabe tons of stuff for $14.00….. cool. Long sleeved shirts, a set of thermal underwear, feet pjs, and the best… for $3.00 got something called “The Bead Traveler”. Gabe loves a small one that he has for his highchair. This one is a little bigger and more complicated. It is a wooden base, with colored wire tracks that the beads travel on. No loose pieces. There was even a bonus of an even smaller version that will stay in the car for Gabe’s travel entertainment. I should mention that I spilled a boxful of legos because one side was open and I didn’t know it. Picked up what I could, but most fell into the corner, behind the shelf and a piece of furniture. DID the right thing and told the clerk what happened. Nothing bought for the mommie.

Then we took a drive to a very nice park and Gabriel was sleeping by then, so I had a chance to do a little knitting.

Insert [venting] here…

Once home, upon getting out of the car, I caught a waft of dog poopie (being nice). I am so fed up with the dog s–t in front, and around our house. We live with neighbors on top of us and about 20, if not more, dogs on our street. My neighbor upstairs has two, and they are all around us and all up the street, as well. It’s, well, becoming a problem. The Drake keeps stepping in it because it’s never picked up. It’s in front, in the backyard and around the side of the house (which has a child’s swing in the tree). I refuse to let my kid outside to play. It’s such a damn shame. We have a nice backyard that is fenced in, yet I cannot let Gabriel outside. As a matter of fact, I won’t let him off the porch at all because it’s all over the place. Now, to be fare, my neighbor is not the only culprit and we do not have effective fencing in the front. The animals can come and go at will, and they do. All of a sudden, I see other neighbors walking with showy yellow shoprite bags to supposedly pick up the crap, but I never happen to see them come home with anything inside them… always empty bags. To further leveling the playing field, we have two cats that stay outside. They throw up furballs which look like logs of crap on the porch. We know where they “go” and it’s always in the same place… I’ve seen my one cat spraying on fences and cars, but the other one was fixed before he got into that behavior, so he always squats. The irony of this is that the city just put up signs for people to curb their dogs… real funny. This is a dead end street so we NEVER get cops coming up the street; and they will never give anyone a ticket here… and so what if they did? I think it’s like a $20.00 ticket. What a joke! I think these people think that letting their dogs go where they want is okay because they have little foo-foo dogs with s–t that is small-with a big smell! Geez, all the more reason TO pick it up! I could understand it if they had gigantic dogs with gigantic, steaming stools… but this stuff is small, easy to handle, etc…. so annoying. But it’s really getting to me now because I cannot open my windows without smelling this stuff!

Anyway, the Drake just got home, so he’ll want to do his computer stuff.