I’ve added a trackback to this post. Not a clue as to when the most appropriate time is to use a trackback OR a pingback (ping). I <sigh> am a newbie on this site and would welcome any advice. I’ve read the FAQ on this and know that they link to another’s blog, but that’s about it.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a blog I found today, “Mormon Hippocrates” and one of the posts really touched me, called, “Because she is my mother”. I commented on his blog that I am a new mommie and as I read this, I cried. This is one heck of a POWERFUL post, delving into the depth of a mother’s love; and the author recognizing and proclaiming that recognition and his love for his mother.

My son is a little sick today, nothing serious. Just a little temp and irritability from 3 shots he got at the dr’s office yesterday. Well, he fell asleep in his high chair; and I started to read this post. I had an overwhelming urge to hold my baby and give him all the love that I could, but didn’t because he was sleeping. Then, the little girl upstairs started crying on the stairs (we can hear almost everything i this house). He woke up and I promptly ran in when he started to really get it going on; and brought him into his bedroom, hoping to get him to sleep in his crib [fat chance]. As I held him in my arms, I thought of the post I just read and knew that I will never forget this post. Of course, I started crying all over again.

Thank you again, Tyler, for your post and I will certainly keep reading your blog.