Again, a great post from Tyler entitled “And What is it We Should Hope For”. The gift of Atonement and Restoration, we Catholics call “Reconciliation”; and when I was a kid, it was known simply as “Confession”. I can’t describe to you the moment I realized that God loves me, despite all sins committed, impurities and quirks. He loves me for no reason other than the fact that I exist. I need to do nothing to gain His love. Wow, it overwhelms me.

I keep trying to be like Christ and I still disappoint myself every time I fall short of acting as He would have. My confessor keeps telling me that we are human, therefore we can never attain, what I will call, the “highest level of being like Christ”. Though I claim for myself a little more peace every time I confess, my shortcomings will forever nag at me. Ha! It’s okay, I’m only human. In truth, I am too opinionated at times for my own good. As a matter of fact, it does me no good whatsoever. I am in the habit of learning my lessons only after I make a fool of my self-righteous self. I guess I can count myself lucky that I can learn my spiritual lessons at all. This is where I wish that I were more like the Drake. He can truly see Jesus in everyone.

I learned a long time ago that we are all the vessels of God whether we want to be or not. We, in our brokenness (borrowed from Henri Nouwen) have a role to play during our every daily experience. I came to learn that whatever pain I’ve endured, HAD to be experienced exactly as I experienced it . As a result, I have my own unique perspective about that given pain… and someone can and will relate to i t. I must carry this forward, with me always, in a positive way and not hesitate to draw out and share each experience in order to help someone else who shares the same kind of pain.

We ALL must be willing vessels of God. I believe that it’s part of our general calling. Someone in pain best responds to the words of someone who shares that same pain. This is how our deepest pain transforms into a precious gift, given to us by God. The pitfalls and tragedies of life seen in this light can be weathered more easily and without a “victim” mentality. However, we must walk through the pain to fully experience and understand it, in order to use it to help someone through their pain.

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents, and I lay both of them at His feet.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

I love this quote. I was going to close with it, but before I do, I want to add that when I read this I realize that even my failures are loved by God; and that is because even they have a place in the grand scheme of things. See how useful we can be, and how very much we do matter in this earthly life.