Well, I have a few minutes and wanted to post something about my yarn-life, or I should say the life of my yarn. I love to explore yarn crafts and the first thing I wanted to do is share with you a site that I like, Bev’s Blog Spot…. and… voila…there is the link! We are supposed to get to a street fair today in Westfield. I love them and THIS is the weather for it. There is also a nice knitting shop there that I’ll get to go to. Usually can’t because I have Gabriel in the stroller and the shop is on the second floor. Today, they should be hopefully will be in the street, or I”l be able to go up myself.

Currently, I am working on my precious preemie hats; and just started a project for my friend of fingerless opera gloves. This is new for me on the needles… and I have lots of ideas for the fine touches. I wanted to work both of them at one time on one pair of circular needles. This is my thing now. If I can find a pair of really long-cabled needles today, then I’ll be in business. Otherwise I’ll stick with doing them both on two needles, which is no big deal, I just wanted to try out the new technique. Shoot, I may never get there because the drake took the babe out for a walk because he was so cranky. That drake and I are sometimes on opposite pages. They are still not back, Gabriel STILL needs to have his lunch and the fair goes up to 5pm and it’s 1:51pm right now…. GRRRR! [I wish this theme had options for text colors.]

Hear are two pics of my first batch of Preemie Hats:

Chairload of Preemie Hats
>>>>>>>—-and a few special ones———>

Unique Preemie Hats

Ah, that was just me fiddling around with different looks/techniques to quell the boredom.  I love to modify just about anything in order to see if I can make it better or different.  Hey, you never know!   2:08pm and they are still not back.  Me thinks the drake just didn’t want to go and couldn’t bring himself to say so.  I guess the day is pretty much shot… boo boo for me.