I have just made arrangements with my sister to have Gabriel sleep over there this coming Saturday, the first time he will be away from us over night. Whew, I must say that I have mixed feelings about it. Some of the people at our church want to take our pastor out for dinner and we want to go; but we’ll need a babysitter. We never left Gabriel with anyone for more than a couple of hours…. grrrr… I am feeling SOOO over protective right now. I am envisioning that my sister will let something happen to him. …..um, she’s a mom of two who have managed to make it to adulthood! I do know she is really great with him, and I have nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t 100% sure  he would be okay… geesh, I am so bad.

On the other hand, the Drake and I need to have a little time to ourselves. I think that even if we do not go to the dinner, we will still have Gabe visit his auntie for the night. HE needs this, too, I realize. He needs to be comfortable being without us when he needs to. Even thinking this, I worry that he will be whisked away by a badman because he wasn’t cautious enough. I have to remind myself here that my baby is still just a baby, so I have some time before I have to worry about him being lured away by a badman; but it’s never too early to be aware of the bad things that happen out there. Gabriel is so, so sociable. He will walk up to anyone and want to touch them. While it’s a very nice thing to see with people that we know, I worry that he will walk off with just anybody- that is my nightmare. His unabashed innocence blows me away, it’s a joy to watch. He virtually shines with his innocence and I sincerely wish that he retains that quality; but on the other hand, he could get so very hurt. I guess it’s inevitable for a mother to think these things and feel this way.

Well, I’ve got to clean up my baby’s mess while he still napping. Then we will be meeting the Drake for dinner…..


Almost forgot another thing to rant about, Today our landlord came over to mow/mulch the grass and the remnants of our veggie garden. He specifically asked me if there was anything in there that I wanted to preserve, and there was. I have lavender, spearmint and oregano that I winter over. We have somewhat mild winters here and I love herb plants, especially the lavender. This morning I went out there to point out to him the plants to avoid. He even commented on the fact that they both smelled strongly. [the oregano was nowhere in sight. I think that I pulled out too much of it when we planted and the tomato plants just took everything over. Maybe the oregano didn’t get enough sun to make a comeback.] Anyway, after he left, I went to the back to check everything out only to discover, to my horror, that the lavender plant was mulched… DESTROYED. Ugh, that really killed me. It was there for only about 2 years, but I had it in the house prior. Now, I’m not a plant maniac, but it hit me in the gut at the time. Now, it’s too late to buy another one and I will severely miss the fragrance of the spontaneously picked sprig.

Well, I have my rosemary to comfort me during the winter. I did manage to root several little babies from a branch that I broke off from a plant in the house….oops! Come to think of it, I’ve seen lavender growing around the neighborhood. I am thinking that maybe someone will let me have some so that I can try rooting them like I did the rosemary…. just have to remember where I saw it!