Back again. Never made it out today…. ugh. Before I knew it, was time for a feeding, then nap. Took advantage, though, and made some great lasagna. Then cleaned up again before the drake got home. Fed both of them, then went out to choir practice, which turned out to be cancelled. Came back home, now have to clean up again. It seems that all I do is clean up after the little drake. All is quiet now, as the little drake was put down to sleep for the night.


All is quiet now…. oooh, I’m finally alone in the dark with my laptop, trying to brainstorm a really good post. A full minute later, nothing on the brain, so I’ll talk a little bit more about us/me.

One, thing I’d like to say is that, on occasion, I write poetry; but I hesitate to post it because it’s not copyrighted. If anyone knows about a way that I can protect my poetry on this site, please let me know. I, well, just don’t want anyone stealing my words. Interestingly enough, this makes me think about illegally sharing music. I’ve never really thought about it before. That’s not to say that I never downloaded any music illegally, I have; and it was not really that much-a few songs. Not that it makes it right, but at the time, I didn’t really think I was doing anything wrong. The internet, itself, was so new to me; I thought that if the computer let me do it, it was okay. To be honest, though, the reason I stopped was that I was getting viruses and other intrusions from my activity and decided that it was not worth it.

This is a whole new world. I am old enough to remember the VCR’s debut, and the closest thing we had to a video game was the pinball machine. Remember that? Ooops, I do! We didn’t have cell phones or even answering machines…. WOW. I feel like I came from the pioneer frontier. Well, you know what? I did! I remember rebelling against all the new technology coming out. I simply refused to even look at a cell phone for the longest time. Now, I am a cell phone junkie, but NOBODY CALLS ME. Ha… how’s that for irony. I drool at the mouth when I see pics of the “Chocolate”, but I hear that it’s got a multitude of problems…. good, let them figure out and fix all the bugs BEFORE I buy it. Do you remember me saying that I hate my Razor cell phone? Well, I still do, but I still can’t afford to just change it in mid contract like this, so I’ll have to wait well over a year. Hopefully by then they will fix the bugs of the Chocolate, or something else will catch my eye. The best phone yet for me has been the LG series. I’ve had two and I loved them, but the junkie in me wanted MORE. Did I mention that another thing I hate about the Razor is that you can’t even open it up easily? When you grab the side to flip it up, you can’t avoid touching buttons that screw up your ringer… which means that IF anyone were to call me, I’d miss it because it’s almost always in my bag on “vibrator”. Well at least my keys can enjoy all that buzzing and vibrating when a call “does” come in. You might ask, “why does she need a phone with all the bells and whistles if nobody calls her?” Good question, but the answer is precisly BECAUSE I get no calls. I need to be able to do SOMETHING with it… nah, that is not the reason. It’s because I am addicted to gadgets… any kind of gadget. Kitchen gadgets, electronic, anything. Now, I am gravitating to yarn gadgetry. I just got a yarn ball winder. It’s really cool… AND it was on sale.


Now I am really pissed. I just deleted a whole paragraph of stuff. Too tired to try and remember. Oh, it was about tomorrow being a busy day. Still too tired to write about it.


PS: What kind of blog spellchecker does not recognize “internet” and “blog”?