Wow. It’s quieter now than late at night when both of them are asleep. I say, again, “Wow.” The deed is done. I dropped Gabriel off with my sister, spent some time there because he was being a clingy little dragon; and I gave her all the instructions on how to take care of one, then left with a bit of trepidation… just a little. Got home and it felt so strange… yet it was okay. The Drake and I had a little snake snack because we would not be actually eating until well after 7pm. Remember, the Drake needs to eat as soon as he gets home from work. Wow, this was the first time in a long time that I actually finished a cup of coffee…. Feels good!

9:13am TODAY

Miss little drake. It feels good to have time away from him… yet, I miss his beaming face in the mornings. Unless he is not feeling well, this kid is always in a great, playful mood in the mornings. He’ll be talking to himself from inside his crib and I can hear him while I hit the bathroom before going in. I always knock on the door now because one time I didn’t and I scared the bejeezus out of him!

Anyway, let’s recap the night. After mass, we all waited for the padre, got into a big van with some other people and headed off. A fairly new restaurant of Brazilian fare, practically right next door, it’s so close, well, at least well within our roaming territory. Great food… too much food… I am still full! We had two tables along the wall. Though we were not at the padre’s table, we had excellent dining partners. I felt more like myself… the self that I know is in there, the social self. I laughed so hard and easy at times that I wondered at it coming out of me. The food was secondary (maybe), though, we did talk a lot about the food. In social situations, the drake is very reserved. He sits back, far back, and I think, observes the whole thing. He DOES have a good time, just that it’s his own private good time. He was talking sports with one person, found out the Yankees tanked, and then actually found the Met game at the bar. The Drake is actually a good conversationalist, but mostly it looks as if he is the straight man in the background to my outgoing, sometimes risqué persona.

When we left, at around 10:30pm, I called my sister’s cell phone. She asked me why I called her cell, “Because I didn’t want to wake up the baby”, I said. “What makes you think he’s sleeping?” Though that was a joke, I actually thought he was up. He did get to sleep around 9pm, which was okay since this was a special day for him (and me). We talked briefly then hung up. After we got home, we stayed up a while… 😉

Now here I sit before you, the drake just got in from his walk with the paper and I think bagels. I had wanted to take advantage and go to IHOP… this is irking me a little, but I can’t bring myself to say anything about it and spoil our time alone…. But this was the perfect opportunity, and I hate missing them. We don’t have to go to church because we went last night and we’ve got the time to wait for seating there. Okay, he just came in and said that he came home with eggs and bagels, “unless you REALLY want to go out.” I said, “no,” that it was okay. Then he started with something about the store and went into a long description. I had to hold in the laughter because the little wizard in Word started yawning and snoring! It does that when the program is idle for a few minutes. Too Funny.

Okay, off to make some coffee and eggs!