😀 When we walked in my sister’s house today, he smiled… but that’s it. No fanfare. No arms stretched out to mommie. No sudden first-time words like “mama” or “dada”. No jumping up and down. No running over. No kiss. There was first a bright look of recognition, then a smile, then he went along his way. Oh. I forgot. He was in the booster chair. Humph. Still, he had a grand old time. He practically took over the place. I have to laugh at the sound of this… but be rest assured I am glad he had a good time; and I am glad that we had alone time. I thought that my sister would get this, but he saved poopie for his mommie. I promptly graciously let the Drake have it. Yeah, the Drake missed his little dragon terribly. He is so subtle with his emotions, but I am glad that I can tell. He talked and talked to him at my sisters’; and when we got to the pumpkin place, he held him the whole time, even after I suggested that we could take the stroller in.
They took him to Toys R Us yesterday and he got to play with toys, and bought him a little truck. Their cat lets him pet her, so that was cool. He got to play with the remote and he got to have some ice cream. We attempted to out do my sister and took him to a pumpkin patch today and took pictures of him on the display. We didn’t actually take him on the ride to the patch because he looked as if he was wiped out, so we will save that adventure for tomorrow. As predicted, he fell asleep on the way home and woke up just as we hit the block… not enough sleep. So I got him to bed a littler earlier and he gave me a hard time, so I let him stay up longer… just this one time.

Ah, mommie is glad to have her little baby back. We read him “Good Night Moon”, “Buenas Noches Luna” and “The Runaway Bunny”. The Drake and I know these books so well that we don’t need them to tell the story and that comes in handy. The best line:

“If you run away from me”, said his mother. “I will run after you, for YOU are my little bunny!”

Gabriel and Pumpkin

Gabriel and Pumpkin 2