Just a quick post (hopefully). Recently, I discovered Honey Crisp Apples. I am not an apple fan, per se, but I’ll eat them. I was drawn by the name of these apples in the supermarket and bought one to try. I can’t get over how sweet and crisp they are, hence the name. Then yesterday, at the nursery, I saw them again and bought a whole bag full. Does anyone have info on these apples? I never came across the name; are they new?

Here is my Little Drake munching on one; which I just had to post because this is the first time that he’s actually taken upon himself to bite into something. Usually, I have to tell him to “bite”. This could be great for him learning how not to over-fill his mouth at one time. The tell-tale sign was that he was very quiet! When I looked he was scraping at the skin. In no time, he was munching away!

Gabriel and Honey Crisp