Spider 3

One rainy night I was coming home from work, and something got caught in my headlights while I was turning around to park in my spot. I got out of my car and walked across the street to see what it was. Between a CAR and a FENCE I found this spider making a web. I was surprised, shocked; but mainly sad because mere hours from now, this web would be torn apart by this car pulling away in the morning. I ran to get my camera and took lots of pictures. I was standing as close as I could without screaming my head off, and used the zoom (maybe macro) feature on my Sony Cyber-Shot. I love these pics. I love how this spider is practically glowing in the pitch black dark.

That same week, a spider like this set up shop right on our porch in such an odd place. Again, I came home at night to come face to face with a similar spider (same one?) who set up shop, and perched himself right in front of the mailbox. Thank goodness the light was on. It was hanging from the ceiling and attached to various objects. I basically inched my way into the house without touching it, vowing to get rid of it before the mailman came the next day. He’s equipped with pepper spray, but not spider spray. Well, the next day, I grabbed the broom to swat at the web with, and the whole thing tore off, spider and all and I screeched and threw the broom down and got outta there fast. Later on, I carefully picked it up and moved it aside. My neighbor upstairs told me that she actually walked into the web with her face! Double EEEEK! Now there is one such spider burrowed underneath the corner of our fence/gate, peering out, and waits. Looks big, but I’ve not seen it’s eyes.