This laptop is roughly 3 years old. Time to get another one, right? Please say Yes! In the real world, I must stretch this machine-o-my-heart to the breaking point before starting all over again on a newer, tricked out model. Except that the laptop before this, a Sony Vaio, crashed, died and took all my precious data with it. Now, I loved that Vaio. I loved the look and the way my fingers could would it with ease.

For a couple of days now, I’ve become obsessed with backing up my data. On the recommendation of “Smart Computing”, I became convinced that I absolutely MUST get an Apricorn Aegis 120 GB Portable USB 2.0 Hard Drive.  I had intended on going out today to “shop” around, but the weather refused to cooperate with me, soooo I hunkered down and shopped online…. 🙂

Apricorn Aegis 120 GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive Now, I am convinced that my ‘puter will crash before it gets here. I can hear it acting up now.  It’s been making error noises as it shuts down.  Oh, 120 GB? Given that I am extreme person, always wanting the biggest and the bestest, I think I did pretty well and satisfied myself through and through.  The max storage I could have gotten was 180 GB, I think.  The 120 GB satisfied my quest for the biggest, and satisfied my quest for a decent price.  The fact that it’s triple digits helped quite a bit in deciding, especially since I have tons of digital pictures and music… not to mention my writings and poetry.

Wish me luck! Gotta run because little drake finally is getting up from a THREE HOUR nap! Whoa, hit the jackpot!