Hey. I need to get rid of a telephone book that I’ve had for ages; but I had jotted down, on the fly, words of wisdom that shall not be lost. I have written them below, a couple of passages that had effected me tremendously at a time when I really needed it. I am glad that it was things of this nature and not some demon book because, at the time, I could’ve gone either way. I’ve decided to write them here because of their great meaning:

“Existence is meaningful and therefore my life in self surrender had a goal. I am convinced life and all there is in being fully human- the pain, the joy, the beauty, the ugliness, life, death, laughter and tears are God’s gift to you. And the way you use those things and enhance them and make them work for all person-kind is your gift to God. Don’t make it less, as far as you’re concerned, than the perfect gift.”

~Leo Buscaglia “Celebrate Life”

“I don’t know who or what put the question. I don’t even know when it was put. I don’t even remember answering it; but at some moment I did answer- yes -that good old word “yes” to someone or something and from that hour I was certain that our purpose in life is to help our fellow beings. If you can’t help them, at least do not hurt them.”

~Dali Lama

I hear a big boom beside me that rattles me from the zen-like feeling I get from focusing on these words. I look down to find a solid wooden foot stool, overturned by my son. I don’t know, lately he won’t have that stool in any other position, though it’s four legs sticking up are probably dangerous to a toddler; and I keep righting it when he does that. I take a deep <zen-like> breath. Pause. I look at the stool, I look at him and I say, “Thank you, God.”