I feel a rebuttal coming on. Yes, sometimes I am spiritually inspired to write; and when that happens, I can not ignore it.

Okay. I’ve always believed that events happen as they do for God’s purpose. Wait, I need a Coke… be right back….. Diet Coke with Lime, to be exact. Okay here goes:

Okay, I made this appointment… well, things happened. Like I forgot completely about it except that it was on my calendar. We were actually supposed to meet the Drake tonight for dinner and an outing. I happened to see the calendar for the reminder. Now, I cannot contact the Drake outside this house. Long story, but he does not carry a cell phone, and his job will not page him unless it’s an emergency. Okay, so something out there is already pulling me away from this appointment.

Then Little Drake takes a nap so that it’s difficult for me/us to get out in time to meet Big Drake at his job because we were supposed to meet at Boston Market. Then other things like, being I forgot about this appointment, I drank caffeine and did not watch the fat consumed in the last couple of days… things that you are supposed to avoid. I’ve also been drinking a lot of water, as is my habit; but for some reason, you are not supposed to drink an above average amount of water before the donation…. I have no idea why.

Things just seemed to be against me going there tonight, but I can be a stubborn creation. I also have my monthly “friend” right now… HA, I can imagine some of your reactions to that terminology! Well, I am sure that all you guys/gals know what that is without me having to say it. Normally, I am not that foo-foo-ish about that kind of stuff, but I thought that I’d spare some of you if you needed it… especially if my pastor is reading this! However, next time, I will just come out and SAY it!

Well, I know that sooner or later, something will be revealed, and I’ll recognize God’s reasons for sending me on a wild goose chase tonight. Who knows, maybe my platelets are not that great right now. I am reminded of a hymn that I like to sing. “Bless us oh Lord, make us poor in spirit, for their’s is the kingdom of God”. Well, I must have blessings all over me because I consider myself poor in spirit. Maybe it’s because they make better vessels than all the perfect spirits out there… I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we are human and our faults reflect that. Maybe if we are poor in spirit, our desire for God is stronger than someone who is almost there. The whole song is a prayer to God to make us weak in different ways. It is said that we can find strength in our weakness. I believe that. That concept is repeated in different religions, even far eastern traditions. Amazing how it all comes together from different directions. God uses our weaknesses to help other people and I try to open myself up to that.

How does this all fit together with my last entry?  It doesn’t… well not yet.  The beginnings are there, the seeds are planted.  I just have to water them and wait/look/listen for them to grow.
Thank you, God!