Okay, I promised to talk about knitting. Predominantly, I knit preemie baby hats, with other projects in between to hold off the boredom. The hats are made on a circular loom, which allows me to work in volume. I can make one, complete hat, in roughly 30 minutes- including pom pom. I’ve refined this process into a very portable endeavor; mainly so that I can grab my bag and head out to a Starbucks or any other place that would tolerate a knitting dragon in the corner, taking up prime comfy chair space for the night. When I plant myself, I am there for good! My bag contains looms, yarn, hooks, scissors and anything else that is needed. Before I got these little disks for making pom poms, I’d make them with just my fingers.

Anyway, one night I was making these little hats in a Borders cafe while listening to a live performance… so cool… the ultimate for me! The guy even referenced my knitting presence. Unfortunately, I cannot recall even a little bit of what he said. I can just remember feeling people looking at me. I really enjoyed the music, and had my own coffee on one side and my knitting stuff on another, with little snips of yarn. By the end of my stay there, I had quite a few hats lined up.

Last year I made a beautiful and very soft scarf that could double as a wrap. The very first day I wore it to work, someone stole it. I was shocked, though I shouldn’t have been. I let my NY mentality slip down a bit and this is what happened. Trust the general public and someone will take advantage…. Ugh. Oh well, now I have an excuse for making another one, something different. I checked out some yarn over the summer for one I want to make, but after I tallied everything up, just the yarn would cost over $80.00! Moonlight Mohair and the LB Trellis ladder yarn. I love my scarves extra long and extra wide, which is the reason for the cost being so high, plus, I would use more than one strand of the Moonlight Mohair. Needless to say, I gave up that idea! Nothing in the works for that right now, but soon. Too many times, I get so caught up in searching the perfect yarn and color that I don’t DO anything. As it was, it took me several months to just come up with the color scheme for the above unattainable scarf.

Here are a couple of things that I am working on right now: Socks

These are socks that I am doing using a new technique of working up two, at one time, on two circular needles. Something very alien, but doable for me because I never learned how to do them any other way. I started these in JULY… ha! For the life of me, I cannot follow a pattern or even regular instructions. As a result, as you can see, I probably got the ribbing wrong. What you can see is that the top of the picture is showing the top of the sock and the bottom part will eventually be the toe. The stitches on the bottom should really be on the top and visa versa…… Just me, knitting a sock.

Log Cabin Blanket

This is a Log Cabin Blanket! I just HAD to make one when I saw it on someone’s blog. This is something that is so very easy to do! You can do at least one strip at one sitting and you are binding off after each strip. Very good for me because Little Drake is always hijacking my knitting. I started out making this just from extra/left over yarn I have in the house, but then realized that my compulsive head wanted a color scheme. I actually bought 4 skeins that I don’t really need. I was out the other night and forgot to bring an extra color for the next strip and ended up lacking more yarn to use. I bought the dark blue and the pink at the top showing in this pic, and two more with mixed colors. I am thinking that on half of this blanket, diagonally, will be blues and pinks, and the other half, diagonally, will be yellow, greens, and anything matching that. Not visible in this pic is the finished pink strip and the next started strip of baby green; which passes over the pink, gray, and orange strips (the whole left side of this pic).

I am also working on a green poncho, but it’s not ready for a pic yet.

Ah, so that is it for now. I am sure that there will be more pics as the holidays get closer and I look to make gifts to save some money. Oh, I am also looking forward to making a couple of blankets for a neighbor. So funny. She wants me to make two baby blankets for the children of her presently teen-aged daughters. Great for me because I have plenty of time to finish them!

“Knitting opens the door to the soul.”~~~~ Me