Is anyone else as captivated by their blog stats as I am? I think that it’s only equal is the need for checking my email every 5 minutes… (I kid)

Seriously, I’ve really gotten into checking out my blog stats–just to see. I do it as soon as I log in, and exactly the last thing I do before I log off.  I actually like to see the numbers going up. I’ve gotten acquainted with GMT cutting off my little graph at the end of the day, and I have adjusted. I am on EST, soon to have DST to adjust to, as well.

I think I like it most because it gives me the feeling of being in control behind the scenes. If that isn’t an oxymoron I don’t know what is! But really, I feel like I am privy to information that nobody else is… sort of empowering. I get the same feeling when I figure out some of my son’s toys. Yeah, like finally finding out that the big blue hippo that he can ride can actually pick up stuff with his mouth as it rolls along. Yeah! I was wondering why the mouth was going up and down…. I digress, of course.

As predicted, I certainly don’t have a popular blog, but I am glad that I am writing it. I am glad that I’ve gotten to peek into some of my fellow blogger’s brains. What I’ve found out is that we all have more in common that we might think on the surface.