This morning I got up really early, like, 5am early! My hands hurt like the devil. I think that I’m getting arthritis if I don’t have it already. ANYway, I felt inspired to whip up a pair of these:

Fingerless wrist and hand warmers

Wrist warmers

I used LB Wool Ease and Sensations’ Angel Hair. I have to admit that this combination feels veeeery soft due to the Angel Hair. Usually when I make these or mittens, I make the arm part longer so that when you’re outside in the cold, your arms get warm, too. I only had one skein of the Angel Hair, so I had to keep them short as I had no idea if I would have enough. Everybody, be forewarned that I <cringe> work on the fly. I do not use patterns for more of my stuff, I just go. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. This time, it definitely did and I have extra yarn so I am wondering what I could make next to go with my warmers. I could probably make flaps to convert these to mittens, but I am thinking headband or something for the hair. I hate hats and don’t have enough for that, but something. Any ideas? I made them with a loom, which allowed me to literally whip these up! Both done in a couple of hours.

I am also still working on that poncho but have not finished it off yet. I’ll post it as soon as I do. Another thing I am still working on is that Log Cabin Blanket. I’ve gotten a few more stripes done and, so far, it looks like this:

Log cabin blanket2

I’ve seen some nice ones posted around with some sort of pattern running through. What I am trying to do is do half, diagonally, in blues and purples (cool colors) and the other diagonal half in greens, but that did not work out because on that side is gray and aqua blue. I guess I wanted to make this into a scrap project, but I ended up actually buying yarn when I was out the other night to knit and left extra yarn home. I didn’t just buy one, but four skeins. I tried to be random about it, but when I looked, I had a solid blue and a mixed color with the yellow, green and blue; and a solid mauve and a mixed one with pinks and purples… go figure. I am also thinking that I want to vary the textures on this here and there. Don’t know yet as I am clinging to my hoarded novelty yarn!

Time to go…. thanks for stopping by!