~~I changed the title to this entry because my original intentions for this entry got side stepped because of the lack of time, but I will soon get into it when I have the chance to focus on my thoughts.  Thanks, The Dragonmommie~~

One of my favorite authors is/was Henri J. Nouwen. I am such a fan that I even know how to spell his whole name! I think these are some of his quotes, though I cannot tell by looking at this page of HenriJ. Okay, I’ve found another site, Henri Nouwen Society. I own several of his books, reflections, really. I urge everyone to check him out, if you have not already. He was the Wounded Healer, the Broken One, the Beloved. He explained to me exactly how even my broken life can serve to heal. His words are exquisite. He told me how a person can die well in “Our Greatest Gift”. He gives a whole new perspective on the subject from the point of the person dying and from those left behind.

A lot of what I have written thus far has been influenced by this man’s writings. He’s got something to say on just about any subject. I’ve always been left with a desire to be a better person because of this man, who was, himself a tormented soul. I can really go on and on, but I need to get to bed. Maybe I will write more tomorrow, but now, bed.