It’s official. Tonight, at almost the exact time of Little Drake’s 20th month birthday, I feel as if I am finally initiated into the world of “mommiedom”. Tonight my childhood idol was on the radio, BARRY MANILOW. Oh man, I can sing almost every single one of his songs by heart. I am really trying to be modest here because I really know all of his songs and if I don’t, I remember them as soon as I hear the opening notes. I realize, too, that growing up singing predominantly his songs, I have trained myself into the lower range of the voice. Presently, I can also sing high female range in the choir, but don’t know if it’s soprano or not.

Anyway, I planned from last week that I was going to listen to him on WABC radio. It’s an oldie station and they even play the oldie commercials. Okay, so today I actually forgot that I wanted to stay in and listen, so I planned on having a night-out-for-mommie night, so I planned on doing nanowrimo on the laptop while slurping pumpkin spice coffee at Starbucks. Ah, that bubble was popped when the Drake reminded me that Barry was going to be on tonight. Okay, fine. I’ll stay in the kitchen and type and listen on the ever appropriate old-tyme radio. This is a great radio that a friend gave me when I moved the NJ. It’s made of wood, and retro-like from the 30’s or 40’s. The sound resonates beautifully in the wood. So I set everything up (except the coffee) and prepare to listen to the oldies in bliss. I even put the baby gate up at the entrance.

I will give you one guess how this unfolded. Big Drake at the computer hooked up the the internet in one room, me trying to ignore the whining of Little Drake hanging on the gate, giving me that forlorn look on his face. Finally, at the moment of my initiation, I opened the gate. He came running in with the biggest grin on t his face. That was it for me, though I chose to ignore the signs. I tried to continue typing while Little Drake reached for every item on the table; and me, the dragonmommie, thwarting him at every time. He then went for every single item in the kitchen that he KNOWS that he is not to touch. It was not long before he started complaining in my ear and I knew that I was defeated. Finally, I went to get a wooden puzzle that I was saving for him, just to give him something new to occupy him. Yea for mommie!

Well, to cement my initiation, Little Drake decided to talk non-stop over Barry’s baritone voice, so I could not hear him at all.

“Shucks”, said the mommie. “I may as well just stay here and BE your dragonmommie”.