he was drivin home one evening
in his beat up pontiac
when an old lady flagged him down
her mercedes had a flat
he could see that she was frightened
standing out there in the snow
till he said im here to help you mam
by the way, my name’s Joe

She said Im from st. Louis
and im only passing through
I musta seen a hundred cars go by
this is awful nice of you

and when he changed her tire
and closed her trunk
and was about to drive away
she said How much do I owe you

Here’s what he had to say

You dont owe me a thing
I been there too
Someone once helped me out
Just the way I’m helpin you
If you really wanna pay me back
Here’s what you do]
Don’t let the chain of love
End with you

Well a few miles down the road
The lady saw a small cafe
She went in to grab a bite to eat
and then be on her way

But she couldn’t help but notice
how the waitress smiled so sweet
and how she musta been 8 monthes along
and dead on her feet

No she didnt know her story
and she probably never will
when the waitress went to get her change
from a hundred dollar bill

The lady slipped right out the door
and on a napkin left a note
there were tears in the waitress’ eyes
when she read what she wrote

You don’t owe me a thing
I been there too
Someone once helped me out
Just the way Im helping you
If you really wanna pay me back
Here’s what you do

Dont let the chain of love
end with you

That night when she got home from work
the waitress climbed into bed
she was thinkin bout the money
and what the lady’s note had said

As her husband lay there sleepin’
she whispered soft and low
Everything’s gonna be all right
I love you, Joe.

I just read a comment about a post called Prayer Before Speaking over at Mormon Hippocrates, which is, by the way, a clever name for this man’s blog. I just had to post the lyrics to this song which applies to the comment thread over there.

Getting back to Tyler’s blog. He is a Mormon and a medical student… get it? I fancy that it goes deeper because Hippocrates was a Greek physician who had certain beliefs that inspired the Hippocratic Oath. He believed that the body should be treated as a whole and not just the immediate body part that was sick.

I believe that Tyler will make a great doctor because he goes a step further. He brings his faith into everything he does. He will treat his patients more than just the sum of their parts. He will treat them as human beings, not just a piece of meat or puzzle to solve. He knows that to heal a person, there is more than just the physical to consider, though that may be out of the realm of the physcial. Maybe that last sentence was going over my bounds as a reader of his blog for only a few weeks, but that is the feeling I get about him.

I like reading Tyler’s blog because, as a Catholic, I can relate on a Christian level and still retain my own particular faith… or sect or whatever. I believe that we are all the same, aspiring to be like Jesus.