Big Drake Little Drake

Does it really matter that my baby has a bigger head than normal?

I just have to write about this. At the last dr’s visit that Little Drake had, the pediatrician sits me down and starts to say, “… usually if one or two of the parents have an above average head size, the child will also.” And your point? I don’t know, I just found it strange. I mean, my baby’s head literally saved his life. Yes, I’ll go into that. As you may know, I had what they call a late pregnancy… blah blah blah. Read all about it here or here. Yeah, one of those posts was supposed to be private, but I still can’t figure it out.

Anyway, the gist is that Gabriel was a small baby for his gestational age. He had a small body, but his head was bigger. The head matched the gestational age, according to the dates I gave them, but the body was smaller. This stirred up a few things during the months of my prenatal care. For one, they couldn’t pin point the age of the baby. Since I had the gestational diabetes, they were worried that the baby was not getting enough nutrients… etc. From the beginning the drs told me that the size of his head gave them hope. It gave them motivation that would influence how they treated us. The head being so big gave us hope that he was normal, or healthy… whatever that would make him okay.

So for the pediatrician to take on a tone of reassurance about his head, was kind of moot, more, anti-climatic. I didn’t think to tell him then, but I will next time I talk to him. To be fair, he probably doesn’t know the whole story, at the very least, my story… but this was something….

OH… I know. I wanted to write about it because the other day was the first time I saw for myself that he does sort of have a boggle head. He is in the 25th percentile and has a thin, slight body; that I can tell will stretch out tall, and a head that seems to sit on a small neck. He’s got good muscle control and everything, just that I while drying him naked, after a bath, I could see what the dr probably saw, or measured. Still no big deal, just that it was more pronounced with him being naked.

I remember when I was compulsive about preventing “Flat Head Syndrome”. That is when they sleep always with the head in the same position and the growing head adjusts for it and that spot, touching the mattress, could end up being flat. Gabriel’s head was always perfect shape. Then when I went back to work for a few months, somebody, who shall remain nameless, wasn’t as vigilant and the head got slightly flat, just where his head touched the mattress. Thank goodness I quit my job for other reasons. I was able to take control again! I like to think that only “I” can see the spot, but of course us mommies are very observant when it comes to babies.

He’s still my Goopy… Hey, I’d rather him have a big head on a little body than a huge body with a little head… sort of like a shrunken voodoo head. Besides, his dad has the same body type and he just naturally takes after him in most ways anyway…. thank goodness, otherwise, he’s be short and stumpy!