I love planning holiday meals! We have been having Thanksgiving here for the past 3 years and will continue. I love trying out different recipes. One year it was braised brussel sprouts with white balsamic vinegar… yum! This year, the different thing will be the green beans and rice dish that I found the recipe for over at Uncle Ben’s site (link for that in my previous post).

I love how this day unfolds. We set up two long lunchroom tables, running through two rooms and, though uncomfortable, we set up folding chairs. This is the only thing I regret. I want people who come here to be comfortable and I feel horrible that they do not have comfortable chairs to sit in. Our furniture consists of odd pieces here and there. We did have a big comfortable chair, that I loved BTW, but it started falling apart so we got rid of it. My dream is to get big comfortable chairs for people to relax in when they are here. As it is, I suspect that some people that do come, do not stay for nice long visits because of the lack of comfort. One person is very tall and I think that he was very uncomfortable when he was here the first time. Ugh. I know that I shouldn’t obsess about it, but I started writing about food and this came out, so it must bother me.

Back to food. I come from an Italian background. Our holidays, and every Sunday, revolved around food. The Drake doesn’t place the same importance on food; but he goes along with what I want to do. Good. When this time of year came around in our household, we all started to prepare, food-wise, in our own ways. My grandmother would bake and cook, my mother would do the same, I would help them or bake my own stuff. Oh, the men in our house love to cook, too; so it really was a family affair. I have tried to carry this tradition over; but this year, I don’t have the motivation to do anything other than the necessities… oh, and pumpkin pie for the Drake. Usually, I am baking cookies, pies; and I would have the fresh whole cranberry sauce done by now. Well, I have the cranberries but I might have to get two more packages because these are not looking so good right now, with two more weeks to go.

My first Thanksgiving, I made the turkey and everything that went with it. These past two years and this year we got our dinner from Boston Market! Surprised? Nobody more than I, but it’s great and it gives me more time to sleep that morning and less to do in the kitchen… or more if I want to with side dishes, etc. I love providing all the extras like Italian olives that I make myself (ooof! I forgot to make them this year!) I’ll have to get them from the store, but usually, I make them from scratch. I get the raw olive, then crack it, let it sit in brine for overnight, then cook it in vinegar for a couple of months. The olives are not available until late Sep, early Oct., so that would have been WHEN. Ugh, I hate that I forgot!

I just love to cook and experiment with food! I really want to try saffron, but it’s so expensive at $30.00 per ounce, which seems to be a cheaper quote than most. I am afraid that I will muck it up and waste it. It’s really interesting to know that it’s the stigma of a certain crocus plant. You can find out about it: here>

Anyway, we are having turkey, cornbread (from BM and ME), corn casserole (ME), apple cider, rice and green beans (ME), yams (SIL-she makes the most amazing recipe), stuffing (BM and ME), gravy (BM and ME), something with portabella mushrooms (ME), spaghetti squash, jello, egg nog, whole cranberry sauce (ME)… have I left anything out? I am sure that we can add some more goodies as the day gets close.

Bon appetit! 🙂