Let me introduce myself. My name is Dragonmommie, Genius. Sheeeeer Genius.

That was my first thought after I tasted an experiment I conducted tonight for an asparagus dish for Thanksgiving…. well, it’s on the menu now, but it was really just a quick something for me and LD for dinner. I should have taken a picture, but once we started eating, we could not stop. I decided to add this to my menu because of the colorful presentation and the flavor knocked me out.

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a professional chef. I do not cook like this often enough to know when to use high flame, low flame, whatever. I do not measure, I just throw everything together and eye it up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but this is how I enjoy cooking. Even when I have a recipe to go by, I don’t stick to the measurements on the paper, so this gives you an idea of “me”. Most times I look to make one of my “One Pot Wonders”, so that was my inspiration here, as well. Here goes:

Okay, so I had fresh asparagus that I knew that if I didn’t make them tonight, I never would, then they’d go bad. I have a tendency of buying fresh veggies and if I don’t make them right away, they end up in the trash. This dish practically pulled itself together when I looked in the closet and found a lone can of corn.

I’d been wanting to cook more with shallots since my discovery of them this summer, so I peeled two of them and roughly diced them. I also sliced up one chive bulb and greenery. Sauteed both in extra virgin olive oil.

While that was going, I cut up my asparagus into bite sized pieces and placed in a dish. Could not use garlic because when I went into my stash, I found out that they were growing white stuff, so I deep sixed what remained in the jar. It was a good thing that it was almost finished anyway; and didn’t feel so bad because some dishes don’t need garlic and I hardly know the difference.

Okay, now that the shallots and chives are sauteed, nicely coated with oil, I threw in the asparagus and mixed it all up, covered and cooked until asparagus was bright green and still a little on the hard side, but definitely edible. Now, I added the canned corn, but not the whole can. You will need to eye it up to determine when the proportions are right because a whole can of corn is too much for one bunch of asparagus.

Then I added some pure, dark sesame oil. I love the darker, less refined products of almost anything you’d care to mention. I prefer brown sugar or molasses over while sugar, I prefer the first cold pressing of the olive oil, etc. I’ll always choose less, or not refined products. When I make Toll House Cookies, I use all brown sugar as opposed to splitting the measurements up between brown and white. Better yet, one time I used molasses… and it must be black strap… get it? I’ll do other out of the ordinary things with food, like using brown sugar or honey in coffee. I’ll add ground up spices to coffee grinds in the coffee pot to make those gourmet flavors that you pay extra for in the supermarket. It’s just as easy to keep a hand grater and in less than a minute out of your time, you can add flavor to a pot of coffee. Okay, back to recipe.

Next, I added some Five Spice Seasoning…. this could definitely be the secret ingredient. The one I have is made by “Ty Ling”, but the spices that are in this can be easily combined on your own: Anise, ginger, cinnamon, fennel and black pepper. As a side note, I personally love to inject fresh ground nutmeg into almost anything I make just to see how it enhances the taste. I did not do that tonight, however, but I might next time I make this.

Now, just cook it for a little more time, just enough to blend flavors. Next time, I definitely would add Jicama to this recipe, but I did not have any in the house today. Next, I would try using fresh corn, as opposed to the canned, just to keep the freshness of the dish. Maybe I would also consider adding fresh carrots for a bit more color, but I would not use fat, clunky pieces; I would julienne, both, carrots and Jicama. The corn of my dish tonight was a bit too mushy by the time I was done; so either add the corn at the last minute, or try using fresh corn. Here is the recipe below, without all the extra commentary:

Asparagus and Corn Wonder Dish

1 bunch Fresh Asparagus (is there any other kind?)
1 can- corn
2-3 – shallots
1-2 – chives
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pure Sesame Oil
Jicama (optional)
Five Spice Seasoning (as described above)

1: Slice and chop shallots and chives. Saute in olive oil until just translucent.
2: Chop asparagus into bite sized pieces and add into pan.
3: Cut jicama into julienne-type pieces and add into the mix.
3: Let cook until asparagus is bright green and still a little hard, or aldente. Add sesame oil.
4: Add Five Spice Seasoning, simmer until orgasmic blending of flavors takes place.
5: Take a bow before your dinner guests so they can appreciate your genius!

Wile E. Coyote, Genius