Vegetarian Stew for Friday Meal

I’ve really been wanting to write something spiritual, but lately my mind has been on culinary delights. Today’s concoction was inspired by The Drake’s roaring edict, proclaiming: NO MEAT ON FRIDAY…. <<nostrils flaming>>

He had been forewarning me lately that once the OT dries up, we will have to start eating rice and beans, so I decided to make rice and beans today to try it out, crock pot style. Let me insert a disclaimer here stating that I am not a vegetarian, so I apologize if any of the ingredients do not pass the vegetarian mustard. Please let me know and I will make a revision as I will also be posting this on my Crock Pot Recipes page, as well.

So I started with some beans!

Vegetarian Stew

Black beans, 1 can
Chick peas, 1 can
Butter beans, 1 can
Red Kidney bean, 1 can
Corn, whole kernel, 1 can
Crushed Tomatos, 1 large can
Tomato Paste, 1 little can
Yucca, (they come all different sizes, you decide)
Shallots, 2
Sofrito, amount per directions on jar
Dark Brown sugar or molasses, to taste
Louisiana Hot Sauce, optional to taste
Herbs, to taste
Rice (optional)

First, I coated the crock pot with cooking spray, then I dumped in all the canned ingredients, beans, tomatoes, paste and corn; but first rinsed off all the starch. You do not need to strain the corn; but if you like to drink corn juice, like I do, feel free!

Peel and cut your yucca root into chunks and add to the mix. I boiled it first but that was because I am unfamiliar with yucca. I think that you do not need to boil it; but you folks judge if you know yucca.

Chop and add the shallots, and by all means, add more if you want to. I am just trying to stick with two for awhile as I am unfamiliar with them. Now, I’ve never used Sofrito before and if you are not familiar with it, information here.
( Here are some recipes on how to make your own sofrito. )Yum!

Now for the fun (as if it hasn’t been all along!) Even though I let you guys know that there are directions on the jar to for the amount to add, I dumped in half the jar before I knew it. I wouldn’t recommend that in the interest of getting your money’s worth, though, it was pretty cheap. The finished product was still pretty good. My goal with this recipe was to create something sweet and spicy, so I added a solid form of molasses I found at the store, much like dark brown sugar. Chucked in some Louisiana Hot Sauce. I love this because of the vinegar, so if you don’t have it, add a little vinegar, preferably balsamic. I grow rosemary, so I added some of that and Mrs. Dash’s Southwestern Chipotle seasoningno salt!

Okay, next thing I did was to add water just enough to cover everything, if not covered already. If you want thick gravy, take a tsp. or so of corn starch, mix with just enough cold water to liquify it and add it to your veggie stew. Mix everything up well. Crock pot should be set to 4 hours on LOW. You’re good to go!… Literally, out the door if you want… whoo hoo!

You can throw this over rice if you want, but I didn’t. I loved it the way it was. If you want to add other stuff… again, feel free and I’d love to hear how it came out.

! Debbie’s kitchen loves unique and interesting combinations !

As a side note, the Drake never tasted my scrumptious veggie stew. He claimed that his cold took his appetite away… GRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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I am a wife and mother of an amazing eight year old boy. When school starts, I don the hat of “advocate”. This is very new to me and so, like everything else in my life right now, a necessary transition. I can see already that I will be honing my communication skills as well as sharpening my assertiveness. I am married to an amazing man, who, spoils me to no end. Not in a material way... NO I'm wrong. When he can, he does spoil me materially as he is well acquainted with my infatuation and love all electronic gadgets. I am a self professed EGG, “Electronic Gadget Groupie.” The most important way he spoils me is with taking over attending to our son's needs. My eye has always been caught by sparkly things, the beautiful, and the unique.

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  1. Can I ask, what does Yucca Root taste like? I know of the Yucca plant (kinda trendy in Australia at the moment) but have never heard of people eating the root!

    cheers from Australia..

  2. Hey… Goldocoaster from Australia! You may be my first international commenter.

    There are many different varieties of yucca root, and some are not good to eat. It is much like potato, yet has a different consistancy, more creamy. It has a bland flavor and will take on the flavors you cook it with. We in the US, can find it at major food stores in the produce section, or in the frozen food case, already peeled and cut.

    You can do a search for recipes using yucca. I like to use it in stews instead of potatoes and I love it. This is a link to some information:

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