About a month ago, I wrote about my non-experience of an attempt to donate platelets. Here is the refresher for your memory. Well, then there was the follow up after my <ahem> little outburst, you can find it here.

Just so that I don’t forget, I want to announce that my next appointment is this Monday at 4:30pm at Rahway Hospital. I just want to say that I will NOT miss this appointment! The Drake will be home, so I will not have to worry about a thing.

I really am still very excited about doing this. My blood type is really very common, so the fact that I am able to donate platelets is very special to me; something that will mean more and save more than one life with the one donation. The whole process is called “Apheresis Donation”. More information here. If you want to do something really worthwhile, please consider donating blood, especially if you have type O-… rare type, but also the most needed because anyone, regardless of their blood type, can receive type O- blood. Can you imagine the importance of this? Also, please consider becoming a platelet donor. One donation goes so far.

Of course, I will blog all about my experience. My only concern is whether I’ll be able to knit while they are doing this. It will take a couple of hours and I’d like to get some knitting or looming time in. 😀

I believe that the greatest gift anyone can give is of oneself. Blood donation embodies this idea. You are literally giving of yourself… at no cost.