Well, it came and went. We had parts of both families, about 12 people and all… plus Little Drake.  I made my asparagus/corn recipe and at least I loved it.  I made the extra corn bread… oh Boston Market cooked the turkey and provided side dishes and spinach dip.  We all made extra dishes… oh and we got 6 pies… all either apple or pumpkin so we sent them home with people as favors!  It was a good day, except….

A mere 2 hours before company was due to arrive I break the shower curtain rod, BEFORE I had a chance to shower.  Hubby attempted to help by going out to a local store he thought sold it…. and never came back.  Turned out he WALKED there in the rain.  Did I mention there was only two hours before showtime?  The store did not have it, so he went and walked to Home Depot, but it was closed.  I wonder why?  By the time he got home, TWO minutes before his sister’s family, it was over an hour after the people were due… oh, did I mention that nobody showed up on time?  I was furious… I was actually walking out of the house to drive in the holiday traffic, to my sister’s house to take a shower… oh, she was on her way to our house and was not here yet.  Does this sound insane?  My hubby simply said, “Why don’t you take a bath?”  So, I slunk into the bathroom, after POLITELY asking if anyone wanted to use the bathroom.  Still could not wash my hair which annoyed me, but I was glad that I could wash myself even if I had to sit in dirty water… Did I mention that I hate to take baths?

Before I continue, I’ve got to say that I am blessed with a superior husband because I was yelling and screaming at him in front of my father and his wife.  BTW, they came early to get a good parking spot on this crazy block of ours.  If it weren’t for them entertaining Little Drake, I’d have really lost it.  Really though, he also walked with the baby in the rain, AFTER he just took a bath, to church.  Why would he not take the car, I ask you?  He loves to walk…. ugh.

Anyway, why get so upset?  Why do we women feel that we must be supremely “presentable” after we do all this work, sweating our balls off?  Like Betty Crocker… the perfect housekeeper and hostess.  Well, I’ve gotten okay with having people over with a less than perfectly kept house.  Then, I had to get used to the idea that they will see dirty windows that were not cleaned since around the time Gabriel was born.  The rainy day really helped me out with that one.  Then I got used to the idea that I will probably never wear makeup again unless I have tons of time to get ready and for my own preening… yeah right!  Well dammit, I want clean hair at least!  It seems that my face will look good after a shower, but not so much if I just wash it in the sink.  I think it has to do with all the oil it accumulates.  My husband says that in “the old days”, people took baths once a week, if that.  Well, I am pretty sure that they saved their weekly bath for holidays.  He says that if it’s so important that I should take it the first thing in the morning… and I say that I want to save it for right before company comes so they can get a glimpse of the cleanest mommie they can.

Oh well, Big Drake sort of wins because I caused this whole thing by breaking the rod in the first place; but I win for the part that walking everywhere when there was a time sensitive situation was definitely not the wise thing to do, especially on a holiday.

So There!  I get the last word because this is MY BLOG.