Hello People!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am here, but not writing too much (thought I am getting great ideas) because in addition to writing the prayers down for Sunday mass, I am combining sessions for our weekly Why Catholic meeting. We got off to a late start with our group and fell behind as we waited for people to show up. I have been the facilitator and I was told to condense the sessions for two weeks.

Can I tell you that this is HARD? It’s not really hard to do, just hard for me to decided what to leave in and what to take out so that it will fit into our time allowance. Our meetings are done at the church and we only have a little over an hour to conduct it because the next meeting for the Spanish community takes place after the next mass.

Anyway, I shall be back in a few days…. Oh, I am also struggling to knit a few things before Christmas… I shall post them here when they are done. One is a baby’s vest and booties and I will throw in a nice little hat if I have enough yarn left over. I’ve never made a vest before… yeah, the woman just wanted a vest and not a sweater.. go figure. Anyway, it’s coming out nicer than I thought it would. I made it on the loom, in one piece and I am now needle knitting the bands around the bottom, arms and neck. I am stumped for the neckline since it just goes across and not a v-neck. I really want to make a collar that hangs down but don’t know what it’s called… you’ll see.

So as you can see, my son, my projects and my writing are all competing with one another… and I am the one getting the grief. I do get here during the day, but just enough to read a bit and put comments down on other blogs.