WW1 Red Cross KNitting

Here is a little knitting history for anyone who is interested. Men and women, knitting here and there and everywhere for their country. Even then, women were knitting two socks at once. Great article at History Link.

WW1 Knitting Two socks at Once

I am still working on my knitting projects, which is why I’ve not been writing here.  It’s so hard to make these kind of choices.  I work a little here and a little there.  I finished a baby’s sweater, except that it’s not “finished” yet because the recipient saw it and said that it was too small… ugh… that is what I get for starting something without seeing the baby first… so I stopped it altogether to concentrate on my other projects, log cabin blanket (still), fingerless opera gloves, and just started a special scarf for a special nephew with team colors.  The green poncho shoulc be finished later on tonight as I just need to weave in ends and make edging for the neck.


Seems like it’s going slow… and it is.  Little Drake has all of a sudden taken quite an interest in my knitting and I can’t be left alone, so more often than not, I give it up while he is up.  As a matter of fact, he is sleeping almost 4 hours… oops… there he blows!