Okay! I am posting two pics of projects just recently done; one completed and one “almost”. I am posting pics so that you guys can see what I’ve been working on that keeps me away from writing. I still have other projects in the pot, but maybe I’ll still take pics of the works in progress. Keep in mind that I hardly ever work from patterns and shy away from any sort of discipline…. as evidenced here:

Forgotten sweater/vest

As most of you knitters can see, to be kind, it’s well, flawed. This is the vest (sort of) that someone asked me to make for her grandson. I realize that I made so many mistakes in it, like not making a v-neck. If I didn’t put a collar on it, it would’ve stretched to fit any sized head that baby has. The body of it was done on a loom, while the white parts were done on needles. While the waist and arms look okay, the collar came out too tight for some reason. I think maybe I should have cast on two stitches instead of one into each stitch to allow for stretching. She wanted a pull over so I thought this would be okay, but then when she saw it, she said that it was too small. Oh man, I do not look forward to frogging this thing, but it looks as if that is just what I’ll have to do. I never saw the kid and she never brought one of his sweaters to the party we both were at this past Tuesday, so I am giving up the idea that I will ever get it done, let alone for Christmas.

This next one is the green poncho I’ve been prattling on about:

Green Poncho

This was made for my husband’s cousin. When I give it to her, I am going to post a pic of her wearing it, perhaps replace this one. This was done completely on a loom, with the v-neck line squared off by filling in the “V” with either double or triple crochet stitches. I forget which and the poncho is sitting in the car waiting to go to it’s new home. I wanted to do just that part with the lighter green, but cuz didn’t want that. Still looks good. We got the darker green from Knitpicks and the lighter green is from Red Heart. She did not want fringes, so I left it as is. It’s warm and very soft. You can hardly tell that even here I just went longer than normal, which is why the neck opening was so big, I think. Ah, I don’t think you can tell by this pic, but hopefully the next pic will be taken in better light.

Now I am off to knit more of the log cabin blanket. You know, I LONG to make something for myself. What is holding me back? Well, other than all these projects for other people, for whom which only “I” am to blame, I just can’t seem to decide on what exactly to make, though I really want a really long and wide scarf that can double as a wrap. I can do it on the loom, but I’ve not come to decide what kind of yarn to use. I am a “feeling” person who lets my feelings tell me to either go ahead or hesitate. So far, nothing really moves me enough to push my hand. This LC blanket was intended for me, but then I got the idea to give it to Gabriel’s godmother. I DID make wristlets for myself, but that was when it was still warm out… now that I need them, they are lost…. ugh!

Have a great rest-of-the-day!