Yep, finally I delivered the green poncho to Florie, the lucky recipient… or I should say that I am the lucky one because I was challenged and had to use my brain to improvise to her taste. To be challenged, promotes growth and that is always a good thing.

Here, I post Florie modeling her poncho… just in time for Christmas:

Florie in Green Poncho

This was done with two strands of yarn from Knitpicks. Can’t remember the name, but it’s a moss color and look and feel of mohair, soft, light and warm. The third strand is Red Heart worsted Frosty Green. These two colors could not have been matched better. The Frosty Green, a bit lighter, blends in great, creating a sort of 3D look. I used the yellow KK loom to make two flat panels, then sewed them together. Florie did not want fringes and it was just as well because it came out on the longish side. She wanted a square neck, so I crocheted the neck to fill in the “v”. Florie just “loves” it and that made me very happy. Now I am going to start something for myself.

Next, is a current pic of the Log Cabin Blanket. I just finished the pink strip. It’s coming out as a rectangle… duh! look at the middle piece.. it’s a rectangle, too! Right now I am at the point where the strips are so long that they cannot be finished in one sitting… I am getting bored with it, too, so this will be finished soon. I also want to get some more repeated colors in there, and more blended colored yarn. The pink strip, finished a complete row, so if I continue, I will have to do at least four more strips, then when it’s done, I want to make an edging which will just be either crocheted or for more thinner strips, all in the same color to create the edge.

Log Cabin Blanket