Do you have a burning desire to know something, have done a search and voila, have found my blog? Have you done this and have been disappointed because my content didn’t satisfy your curiosity or give the information you were specifically looking for? If you answered yes to any or all, please read further:

real sightings of dragons in 2006
Knifty Knitter Toddler Poncho
“see saw knock at the door”
health related Words of Wisdom
head size percentile
asparagus crock
“vegetarian stew”

These are just a few. Nothing really quirky here, but I’ve had some doosies over the months. It’s occured to me that I can actually provide information for some of these searches if I could only contact these people, but they do not leave any comments with questions, nor do they email me. Like, I do know how to make a KK Toddler Poncho, but don’t have the email to contact that person who searched for it.

Lot’s of people lurk here and never comment, and that is okay; but I would like to encourage people to either contact me via email or comment on my blog with a question concerning what they are searching for if they don’t find it on the surface. I might even have a site in my favorites that you could use. You just never know where you will find the answer.

Oh, and for your info, the dragon in the top header is a REAL dragon, sighted in some tropic haven my brother visited. It showed up on his back balcony.

Don’t be a stranger!