I don’t know about you, but I’ve always used price or cost as a quick guide to tell the quality of things.  Like, when buying meat, I don’t really look at the weight, I look at the price and know that the higher the price, the more it weighs.  My eyes can never catch the number for the weight and the printed price is usually the easiest and fastest thing to catch my eye.  Dumb thing to do, at least for hair products.  Using this same “formula”, I’ve often viewed the priciest hair dye as the most “affluent” or the one with the most quality ingredients; and have viewed the cheapest as low end and almost as generic brands.  I just realized something tonight.

I think I mentioned that DH works for L’Oreal.   What I realized tonight is that what is probably is factored into the high price of this “high end” hair product is the cost for all the batches that don’t make it into the packaging dept.  They are behind right now in successfully producing their hair products because of batches that go bad for various reasons and get deep sixed down the drain.  This apparent revelation gets me to wondering about my own system that basically judges things from the surface.  I am just not one of those people who patiently read every label on the stuff they buy, and that is probably what these big companies are banking on.

The revelation:  L’Oreal products are not expensive necessarily because the product is of higher quality than other, cheaper brands.  It could be that they are more expensive because of the bumbling way they run their factories.  I might be paying for their mistakes and the results of corporate greed.  Yeah, I threw that in because some of these mistakes are the result of mismanagement.   In other words, they are pushing the limit when trying to get more with less, much less.

I guess I am blowing off some steam because I never see DH any more.  They are way behind in making their stuff and all the OT they work is “manditory” and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  There was a stretch when he was working 12 hour days, 5 days a week (sometimes longer), then 8 hours on Saturdays- all manditory.  Is this legal?  I am wondering though DH says that it is.  He’s got time off coming to him that he can’t take because they don’t have enough people.   Honestly, the stories I hear could curl your toes, but not your hair!