The Drake got me a new laptop this Christmas and I am loving it. Electronics gizmos are my diamonds and DH has gifted me these little gems since we came together, almost 3 years ago… seems like yesterday. You know, I just love this man! But, not because of the electronics. If he can’t be generous with his time, he makes up for it in many other ways. Let me explain.

We had a death in the family on Christmas day, and another sort of pending. My sister-in-law’s mother passed away and DH was going to see if he could take a day off to come out with me to Long Island, NY for the wake. Now, I had commented to my dad on the phone that I would really have liked to make it out there for the wake and the funeral, but that DH would not be able to get two days off. When I got off the phone, DH said that he would like to pay for the hotel to get me out there for both days. I could not believe it; but I told him that I would think about it. The next day, I called my dad. He was looking to hitch a ride with us because of the traveling. We all live in the regional area, but far from each other. We are in eastern NJ, dad is up in the Poconos, PA, and brother is out on Long Island, NY. The traffic to LINY almost doubles the actual driving time.

Anyway, told my dad that if he wanted to come with me, that I was staying out there overnight for the funeral. I asked DH to make reservations for them as well as us over the internet and he did. He surprised me by giving me the cash to pay for my dad’s room, as well as mine. I told him no, but he insisted. As a side note, when we got there, I could not actually pay for their room because we didn’t take into consideration that they would want $100. deposit for each room in addition to payment for the rooms, and I just didn’t have it. My dad paid for his own room, but I felt bad that I could not complete my hubby’s request. You see, I also took Gabriel with us and DH was grateful for the peace of mind he would have because of my dad and his wife being with us for the time away… well, not like I’ve never driven with the baby alone before, but I was even glad that we were not alone, though I’ve driven farther than that on my own.

This week has surely been a hectic one for me, trying to remember all the things I wanted to do, obligations, and calls I want to make while tending to baby. Yesterday, was my turn to babysit the girl upstairs, so did not have the time to recoup from the funeral before that came up. Today, we will probably go out grocery shopping and will sleep through the new year’s ball drop. I suspect that tomorrow will be quiet, too… which is just fine with me. DH is actually off today! Whoo hoo! Today and tomorrow.

See, I got into the narration of this whole thing, but got away from what I wanted to express about DH. Geez, he’s got his faults, like every one of us, but each day I find something else to be grateful to God for this gift of a husband I have. He never ceases to surprise and, indeed, impress me with all that he is. I just can’t seem to remember what I did right to be found worthy of him. He sacrifice so much just for me. Even though I know that he is getting alone time, that is not the important thing. He knew that he would miss us, worry about us being away from him; but he, without hesitation, suggested that I could just go. It was a sacrifice. He is truly a man of deeds and not of talk… literally!