Under the stars

Times Square Ball

According to WordPress it’s now January 6, 2007… BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR!…. belatedly. Wow, I could not find a decent picture of the 2007 New Year’s Eve Ball in NYC. This ball was from 2000, I think. It was quiet here. We have always spent this night at home in a quiet setting; and this year would have slept through if it were not for my own dear brother calling us at 12:23am. After his call, I could not get back to sleep and was up for almost 3 hours!

Yes, I am still here. So much going on here. We had two family deaths over the holidays with traveling for us required. Last thing was dinner last night at our cousin’s house. Man, I am pooped. Though busy, I’ve managed to keep up with my Friend Surfer and My Comments, at least keeping abreast of my favorite blogs and even came across another that I like.

However, no new posts from me as of yet. I was tempted to post a commentary from one of my favorite talk shows, The Brian Lehrer Show, at WNYC, a public radio station; but have decided that would be too easy. I’ve done it before, but don’t want to get into that habit. If you listen with any regularity to talk radio, especially political talk, you will notice that there is a LOT of talk going on, but definitely NO solutions offered. It kind of annoys me. I guess the point is to get people thinking and talking, but it seems like a waste of time and energy if you can’t come to some sort of answer.

Bah… I also want to report that I am making progress with my scarf/wrap thingy. I have essentially finished two balls of the Moonlight Mohair. MM is what I will go by to gauge length. The pattern says it should be 70″ long. I am pretty sure that I have enough yarn to get to that length, but I’ll see when I get there… I might want it longer. I am at the point now where I think that I should measure it to see if I am keeping to the gauge of the swatch I did in the beginning; at least that is what I hear “real” knitters do! I don’t think this is a good picture, but I’ve tried taking several and this may be the best one yet….or maybe it’s just my eyes…. Nope, just realized that everything was kind of dim because the LT was running on batteries only. As soon as I plugged it in, everything is so much clearer now.


Oh, can you picture this with a dropped stitch every 2nd or 3rd one or so? I am pondering it still, so PLEASE if anyone has any input or suggestions, let me know, I’d love to hear from you. I am still currently working on fingerless opera gloves for a friend of mind. I should be done with them soon…and it’s a good thing because she will be back in town by Jan. 8th or so.

Oh, and I’ve decided to linger a bit in this theme… I really, really like it!