Stray cats – Stray cats strut

I loved Naturalhigh’s post, “The Magic of the Wild Things” and it just reminded me of this song from the 80’s. Cats are elegant, magnificant, strange, aloof, curious, and I could go on and on. This song is the very essence of a confident, strutting cat whether stray or domesticated.

Growing up, I had dogs one after another. I never liked cats and didn’t know why… then; but now I do know why I didn’t like them. I felt rejected by them. I wanted to love them and they didn’t want to love me; BUT I wanted to love them on MY terms. If there is one thing I learned about animals, cats in particular, is that they must come to you, and on THEIR terms, not yours. Yeah, that was a tough lesson, but once I learned that, I loved cats and I loved life a little more. I never thought that cats had personality, until I got a kitten, Simba. This is him when I first got him. I worked for an ambulance company and there was a litter in the garage. It was really too soon as the mother still had to stimulate the kittens’ genitals for them to “go”. I gave Simba back to the mother until he was older. You can see the little bottle in the background.:

Baby Simba

Ha… as you can see that was July of 2001. I was his mommie and he was my baby. He still is my baby, but he is an outdoor cat now, along with Smokey, my brother/dad’s cat whom they didn’t want any longer and I got hoodwinked into taking him in, but I didn’t regret it. Simba grew up with Smokey and he was always very patient with the little guy, letting him eat first-always. I learned that as an adult, they had serious territorial issues in my house and to make a long story short, I had to put both of them outside. Both of them have their claws, so I am not worried. They’ve been out there since Gabriel was born, and they are doing just fine.

Getting back… Cats can be so loving in their own way. They’ve taught me about life… that you cannot approach life and impose your will on it. Look away, do not expect anything, and it will come knocking on your door…. always! I love the aura of the cat. Every Halloween I’d always make myself up in some feline costume- tail, ears and all. They are just so cool. So all put together, strutting around so confident, without a care in the world…. having fun! Oddly, I really liked the movie, The Cat People. What I really like are the Big Cats, black panthers, leopards, etc. Sleek, sexy in a way, or maybe the human feline version feels so sexy whenever I don that persona.

Hey! They keep the mice at bay, even being outside. We’ve not had a significant mouse problem, though I was very worried about it when we had to put them out.