Today was a day like every other…. NOT!

What is it that every new parent lives for? As a new mommie, I was aching to hear my son’s real voice, then it was to hear him call me by my official title of “mommie”, mom, ma… SOMETHING! I mean, not just the babbles of a child, testing, stretching, using new sounds for the first time: mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama. Something that I knew was for real… him addressing me… actually looking at ME when he was doing it and not at a balloon or the box of Huggies. Finally. Today. I got my wish!

It happened all too fast. No camera or recorder on hand to capture the moment. I started to walk away from him this morning and I heard the sound “ma”. I didn’t think twice about it because he has been using that sound for quite some time now and I continued on, except the tone of his voice stayed in my head. I can’t describe it as anything other than a sort of calling with a tinge of insistency the second time because I did not turn around the first time. I turned back toward him and there he was, walking toward me with an out stretched hand holding a small plastic zipper baggie of colored wooden shapes from a puzzle he just got, you know, those hand made ones. My heart leaped into my mouth. I held out my hand for the baggie and said, “Yes, I’M your mommie!”.

I opened the bag for him and he was so happy. Then I tried to show him how to do it himself since he’s been opening all my zippered bags whose contents I thought were safe from him until today. I suspect that he’s been doing it for awhile because recently I’ve been second guessing myself on whether I closed up these bags before he got his hands on them. This includes my own purse which is a little furry leopard handbag with a zipper… not safe! I also kept my current knitting projects in a large zippered tote bag…not safe! Now I need to concoct a new strategy for my stuff. Aaaah, I’m the proud mommie!

Yes, so now any time I hear “ma” I make a big thing out of it to encourage him to use it when he refers to ME. Is that a bit much since he did it already? I am thinking that he might need a reminder or two until he gets the hang of it… what do you think?