Most of you will wonder how I came up with this title. In my own warped mind, I see a correlation; or maybe the fact that I just heard that song on the radio helped, but just a little.

It’s been said that we are living in a “throw away” society. I am here to tell you of, yet, another way that it is. Usually, I don’t buy those cleaning products that you use a few times, and then throw away. I did, however, buy Mr. Clean’s Magic Reach on the recommendation of my sister. She loves it, so I thought that I would try it because cleaning my bathroom has always been the bane of my existence. She told me that she reuses the pads and uses her own cleaner and it works great; as a matter of fact, she is still using her First pad (she does the same thing with Swiffer pads). The cleaning pads themselves have a sort of scrubbing web on the surface that will actually scrub.

So, with a coupon that I got in the paper, I bought my Magic Reach a few months ago, anticipating an enjoyable bathroom cleaning experience. I am happy to say that I actually DID enjoy using this contraption! My bathroom is now the cleanest room in the house, and my tub area is the squeakiest clean that it never was. Or maybe, I should say that it “was” the squeakiest clean. I was loving my Magic Reach until I decided I wanted to get another cleaning pad because last time used, it got a might gunkier than I can tolerate. Next time I did my grocery shopping, I looked and looked for the pads but could not find them; and this was the major supermarket chain, Shop Rite. I said to myself, “Okay, so they happen not to have it, so I’ll try next time.” Well, the next time came and went, and still no pad. As a matter of fact, I actually bought an eraser cleaning pad because I wasn’t really paying attention trying to keep my son from mauling the other cleaning products on the shelf. One time I even went to a manager and asked if they had the product, showing him the kit box so he knew what I was talking about. His answer was that if it was not on the shelf, that they didn’t have it… DUH! And exactly WHY do they value managers over the other store people? At least this one was of no more use than if I had asked the guy working in the parking lot the same question.

Anyway, I tried different store chains and one other errant purchase later (again, not paying attention), I still do not have my cleaning pad and my bathroom is still waiting to be cleaned because I will not clean it until I do. I guess I am going to have to bleach clean the pad I have so that I can finally clean. Again, I had bought another Eraser cleaning pad. I know that I will use it, but I can really kick myself because I actually bought TWO of them, one regular and one 50% stronger version, still thinking that I bought the replacement pads for my Magic Reach. Is there something wrong with me or do they intentionally package things to confuse us? I have already concluded that, in this instance, it was really my own fault because there is a little picture of a sponge-like pad on the box.

Maybe you don’t understand my apparent need to have my Magic Reach. For starters, I am a short person and I love that I can now reach the ceiling of my shower/bath and not worry about falling off the rim of the tub while cleaning. Now I can actually clean the ceiling in there regularly. I also have a bad back and usually spent a minimal amount of time bending over in the tub to wash it. Plus, I hated breathing in the fumes of chemicals while trying to clean at the end of my short arms… and breathing hard trying to get it done adequately and quickly, thereby breathing in more chemicals, and burning out my lungs and throat that I need in order to sing in the choir.

I read some pretty negative reviews of this product while trying to research anything about the availability of replacement pads, and I disagree. I my opinion, some of them were using the opportunity to exercise their literary skills which may have been left in disuse for a might too long. I mean, if you are reviewing the product, you bought it, or you were interested in using it. Then why go into a tirade of why you don’t need it because your rag has served you well for years? Why try to make some of us who like it feel like we are lazy, stupid or out of physical fitness because the product exists? One person did make a viable comment stating that she had a high volume of vinyl surfaces in her home and it was not cost effective for her to use it… ah but I have the secret- reuse the pads!

Well, it looks as if that will be my only option because I have no intention of buying another such product again. I refuse to throw this away a scant few months after I bought it just to buy another, newer product that will become obsolete almost the minute I buy it.