It just occurred to me that I am an author and my last post is building suspense. Sorry guys, but I cannot alleviate that suspense today because the dr’s office was c=l=o=s=e=d. I want to thank everyone for their words of support. Blogging about it and knowing that you are there, reading and listening really makes a world of difference. Sure I talk to the Drake about it, but I know that he is, by nature, a worrier and I don’t want to unload all this on him, all at one time.

Let me tell you something that I found hysterical, and realized that I still do after having it happen again. What it is, is a phrase that the Drake used before we were married and apparently still uses to impress me. When we dated, if I thanked him for something, anything, he would say, “You’re worth it.” Man, that really, really impressed me and made me feel really special. After we’d eat at a restaurant, or getting a gift, or after he’d do something nice, I’d show appreciation in some way and he’d say it…. wow.

Then after we were married, it hit me. The man works for L’Oreal. Now, I know that all you ladies that color your hair know that catch phrase! “Because you’re worth it.” Me, the sucker, fell for it… I was not mad or annoyed, but I always thought that I was on top of things, ya know? Red faced me. Well, I’d almost forgot about it until tonight. We went to a Family Buffet and at the end of the meal, I said, “Great idea,” and he said, “You’re worth it!” I smiled, then thought, hey, it’s only family buffet, not some exclusive place… THEN I got it! Fell for it again. But you know, it’s a real sincere-sounding phrase. No wonder they are selling hair dye all over the place.

Actually, post-realization, this is one of the things I find endearing about my Drake. He is really the most sincere person I know. Very simple, nothing confusing and it seems reflecting in his choice of words even though he plagiarized them from his own company. I just thought that I’d share a little bit of our family idiosyncrasies.

Sleeping Dragon