I saw this on Naked Soul and decided to leap right in. First, I am SO lucky that I cleaned up all my son’s books. Some of them have more than 130 pages.. the fairy tales. The next book I picked up was “The Wounded Healer” by Henri J. Nouwen, but it only had 87 pages. My eyes next glanced at Webster’s dictionary, but I ignored it. Then I saw this book on my bookcase that I forgot that I even had, so I grabbed it for this. It had a CD of chanting in it, and I love to play it, but I’ve forgotten all about the book.

Chanting~Discovering Spirit in Sound

Chanting~ Discovering Spirit in Sound
by Robert Glass (with Kathleen Brehony)

“If we let our minds wander, we love the rhythm and the pattern of the music. Even while we are letting go into the chant, we must also maintain an awareness of where we are, of the unique qualities of this moment and the next. In this way, chanting is a practical metaphor for the spiritual path. In the words of the well-known Islamic saying, we ‘pray to Allah but tie our camel.’ We learn to reach to the heavens while keeping our feet planted firmly on the earth.”

Wow. I am so glad that I did this. This book is about discovering spirit in sound, which is something that I am tapping into while singing in the choir, while remaining ignorant of what is actually happening. I definitely will be reading this book to see if I can place any correlations between what I am feeling while singing and what is described here. Also, I love chanting music and would love to really get into it for itself.

If not for this ‘game’ I probably never would have picked this book up. We have stuff piled up in front of our bookcase because the little drake keeps pulling down all the books…. which he loves, by the way. We are hoping he gets into reading like his mom and dad.

Thanks, Mark!


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