This is something I found a few years ago on the internet. I do write my own poetry when I get inspired, but won’t post it because it can be taken by anyone, just like I downloaded the one below. I liked it and copied it. I think it’s okay because I will not attribute it to myself… but I just don’t trust the common person out there to expose my own work. Tell me, am I being hypocritical?

So here it is. Unfortuneately, the person did not sign it.

Giving With Love


The more we make gift of ourselves,
our capacity for giving expands thousandfold

Love is meant to be given

No boundaries, walls or fences.
Not to be buried or given sparingly

A wonderful thing happens
The more love you give away,

it comes back.


Give your cup to those who thirst
and more still, without hesitation

Let them drink it all.
For look,

it’s full again.