Soul Harvest

I am a sucker for niiiiice guitar……..Just an introduction to my new songspot. It’s called “Cry with the Angels”, performed by White Train, from the album “Soul Harvest”. I don’t know about you, though I love the other song, it was starting to get to me every time I accessed the site. You will probably see more changes in the songspot as I can’t really stay with one, anyway.Here is a link to the information of the album. You can hear all songs on the album(CD) for those of you under 30 (or so). Unfortunately, I was unable to find the lyrics to post here. It seems to be a special compilation album.

Ah, so as this is not just a little filler for lean writing times, I will tell you a little bit more about myself. Little Drake has been sick and is more demanding than usual. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to write more tonight when I get outta here for a few hours A-lone.

I love acoustic guitar music and I play guitar when I can… which hasn’t been for around 2 years. I’ve been itching to get back into it but hesitate because I’m afraid Little Drake will want it and will break it. I simply will not be able to take it out when he is up, which leaves 2 hours or so in the day time and after he goes to bed. Doesn’t seem so bad on paper, but add that to all the other stuff I want to do.

But really, learning to play the guitar was the best thing I ever did for myself. I always thought it would cost me more money than I had to learn and BUY a guitar. It was post divorce time and I had really tight finances. I had met a guy, older than I, the self help group that I belonged to. Anthony Mitek… “the eccentric one.” He was… either you hated him or you loved him. That is Anthony, divorced forever and threw jabs a women whenever he could… in his lovable way, of course. Anyway, he had made an announcement one night at the meeting that he was going to have surgery and needed someone to come and take care of him, make sure that he would be fed, etc. He is a polio survivor and their bodies can have an extreme reaction to anesthesia. I volunteered as I really had nothing in my life at the time and thought it would be a good thing for the both of us.

To make a long convelescent period short, we got to become friends during that time. It was convenient for me to sleep there, lay out his breakfast, go to work, then come back at night. I washed his dishes and maybe even dusted and washed his clothes… no big thing really as I loved the bantering back and forth. You could just be yourself with Anthony. You could tease him and he laughed and then gave it right back… it was fun. Oh, forgot to mention that he was/is in a long term love relationship with his Gibson Dove Guitar. Beautiful and I loved visiting with Anthony to hear him and his friends play.

One day he told me that if I was interested, that he would teach me how to play the guitar. Whoa… I just couldn’t believe it. I was so excited on the inside, but I told him that I would have to think about it because I knew that I had a big obstacle ahead. I needed to buy a guitar. I set my limit at $100.00, not even knowing how much they went for. Soon after, I went to a BBQ at my sis ter’s house and her brother-in-law happened to be there. I mentioned that I was looking to buy a guitar and that my friend was going to teach me how to play. Jerry, the BIL, said that he had one that he could sell to me because his son was wanted an electric one. I hesitated, embarrassed that it would be too expensive; but agreed to go to his house and look at it.

Man, it had me on the first string I picked. The sound was so rich, so full, so me and what I wanted. It has a tremendous body and knew right away why his son didn’t want it… because even I could hardly get my arm around it to pick the strings and his son was a peanut of a kid at the time. He had just gotten it for the last Christmas (this was July) and he only played it during his lessons; so for all intensive purposes, I’d consider it a new guitar. Miraculously, he wanted $100.00 for it… WOW… talk about God going shopping for me! God bless this man Jerry… really. He could have easily gotten more for it, but he probably knew about my financial situation through my sister. This is yet another instance in my life that God took care of me.

So, I learned to play chords. I fell in love with chords and “labeled” myself a rhythm guitarist… which was good for Anthony because he always wants to be the lead guitarist. I strove to play chords in a melodical kind of way. I taught myself lots of chords and made up my own chord progressions to practice, downloaded tons of songs and joined a few guitar groups. Later on, I enrolled in a guitar class at the nearby college and learned tablature… cool. I could play the melody of “Ode to Joy” by memory…. real cool. Then baby came along and my beloved guitar stayed in the closet permanently…. now peeking out! I know he will come out soon… and I’ll be ready with a brand, spanking new set of D’Addario Phosphor Bronze strings.

Baby meets Baby!