Well, I’m sitting here trying to write with my two year old in the next room keening over his lost mommie. Well guys, it looks like I was saved today by the snow. Big Drake called out of work and was home all day! That was a gift in itself. I made oat waffles with Splenda and I must say they were pretty good. Of course, I did not use syrup, but I put some sour cream on them. Then I cleaned up and BD took LD (Little Drake) out of the area to give me some peace.

After a nice leisurely shower, I never came out of our bedroom for the rest of the morning. Beforehand, I stocked it up with my yarn stuff and laptop. Give me those two things, and I can be holed up until the yarn runs out or we have a blackout, whichever comes first. After a while, I presented BD with a card and candy; and of course, he acted surprised (or he was). Strike #1- He made no move to give me anything…. ugh, Mr. Anti-commercialism is in the house! Oh well, I would like to say that “maybe” he was foiled by the snow, but my real suspicion is that he planned on calling out of work all along. I can safely assume that most of the time he is rushing home straight from work so that I can do my stuff… but that doesn’t really wash, either, because there are some days that he doesn’t come right home (when I’m not doing anything) and just last night, he brought home some water from the store. He said something like he would have gotten me candy but I’m diabetic now…. ahem… Strike #2- I put my order in for a little bamboo plant, shaped like a heart, that Walgreens was selling for Valentine’s Day. Uh oh… busted! I can get over that. I’ll just go out and get my own bamboo plant, on clearance at that, with his money… well, because now that I’m not working, it’s all his money anyway.

I am so impressed by myself! I did not say anything about not getting a gift. As the day progressed, he took over watching LD; so I guess my gift was a day off. He even gave the baby a bath… whoo hoo! Hey, this is only the second bath BD has to the baby in his whole life! Ah, as I write, I hear daddy getting son off to bed.

Let me tell you about our dinner. I decided to play devil’s advocate and asked BD what he wanted to do for dinner. He said that he didn’t want to chance going out with all the ice on the ground, so we stayed in. I whipped up some nice shrimp parmigiana with sauce and shrimp from the freezer and pasta. Voila! Great dinner that we both could eat. Wow, what a wife!

While we all ate, I casually said (I am so bad), “Now, wasn’t this better than White Castle?”

Strike #3- His answer was, “Yeah, in a way.” At this point, I’m not really surprised by this answer, and he went on. “They do it up real nice there with flowers and table cloths on the tables.”

I’m like, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, they’ve been doing it for the past few years.”

“Is this all the time, or just for Valentine’s Day?”

“Just for today. They decorate it really nice. Next time.” (Strike #4?)

I am thinking, “Next time?” Okay, so now, at least, I get the reasoning behind the insanity. He wants me to see how White Castle celebrates V-Day and how they “draw in” the customers from the Spanish restaurant next door. Yep, thank YOU for the snow. I am still impressed by myself at not making any snotty remarks.

Little Drake is now safely tucked into bed; and to be honest, I would not be writing and posting tonight if Big Drake did not give me a day off… so he’s still the light in my eyes. I’ve been looking at him all day… he’s got no idea what is going through my head. I saw that a couple of times today, he was sort of feeling me out on this no gift thing… and I might be confounding him right now by not mentioning it at all. Now ladies, isn’t that what we live for?

Seriously, I have been through so much in my life. I’ve spent most of my life feeling unbearably lonely. I was married for eight of those years to a man who was overbearing, very self centered, and petty. When God gave me The Drake, he was the greatest gift I could ever ask for. Given my past experience with men, he goes beyond my wildest hopes for a man, love, companion. Never did I believe that I could meet someone like him. Gratitude has been a big part of our relationship. We are both very grateful to God for bringing us together. We both believe that we were groomed, by God, for this very moment, and we are grateful.

Since I discovered my self worth, I’ve been looking for a man who was “worthy” of me. I know that might sound so self centered and egotistical; but that is honestly how I felt. The Drake is someone who inspires me daily to be more than I am by just who he is…. he really does nothing to consciously make me feel that way- it’s just him. That is all that he really needs to do; but he is also a very gentle, loving man. A great father and I am very proud to have him as the father of my child. What you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less. No games… ever. Sometimes I say something that is supposed to be a joke and he, ever the straight man, he will seriously answer me. Well, I just find it totally endearing.

All strikes are cancelled!