Yep, Chill has a site, 11 Heavens, that is posting short stories and she asked me to write one. If you are interested, it’s called The Little Tonka That Did. It also happens to be something that I actually did around this time of year, a few years ago- long before Big Drake came along.

Also, for all you writers out there, you might like to contribute a few lines. I am so happy for WordPress and this forum. I never really took to blogging until I found WordPress. I had really missed writing and recently had realized that I was loosing my command of the English language. I feel this is a great way to keep up with the skills and stretch the brain a little… or a lot. This medium is also great for the flexibility it allows for stuff like……….. that! I love computers which allow us to change and rearrange everything we want to say into, hopefully, something beautiful. I love being expressive through the written word… something that is becoming a “Dying Art” in itself. Case in point, all these kids today are NOT required in school to learn how to write in script. Can you imagine that? My niece told me that. She was not required to know how to tell time by the face of a clock!

~Happy February 15th~