Okay, I didn’t really want to go out today, but I had had enough. I keep losing my son’s tiny socks in the wash and I just simply can’t find them.  It was so cold outside, and he’d just gotten over a cold… but I was going stir crazy and this seemed like a good excuse to get out.  I get so frustrated because I lose all the socks, especially my own novelty socks… and you know that I can’t even get by with two different ones of those, like I do with one blue and one black.

My son got up again today without his socks on. Oh yes, I know he gleefully pulls them off and I found out he gets a lot of satisfaction “letting” them fall behind the crib. One time I caught him in the act and he looked right at me, grinned, and simply let go!  There were no socks around to use in a pinch, so I decided to excavate the pair he had on last night from the pit. He only had them on a couple of hours before going to bed anyway. I wedged myself underneath that crib and saw there is a blanket hanging down from his mattress that we had used for padding so that the springs would not eat into the mattress (the Drake’s idea). So, I pull up the blanket and this is what I found:

The Lost Boys Socks
Evidently, I stumbled into the Land of the Lost Socks.   I counted 18 pairs of tiny socks.  That little goopy acted like I raided his stash!

Needless to say, I did not go out today.