I thought this was important enough to post here. I found this site (Responsible Shopper) that lists extensive profiles on corporations, on The Cleaner Plate Club. I found two jars of the Peter Pan peanut butter and one was half eaten by me… AND another was already eaten. I had gotten 3 jars on sale 3/$5.00. Thank goodness those jars did not have salmonella in them. I am just glad that they were the “honey” variety because I am not giving my baby honey yet.  Otherwise, HE would have been exposed to sickness.  The infected jars are identified by the product code starting with “2111”.

So, as I read about this food company called ConAgra Foods, I decided that I will not give this company my money any longer. They actually own a wide range of food companies from popcorn to meat products. They are linked to several cases of E coli and salmonella. I want to throw up, right now. They own several major, popular food companies. Go on over and take a look. Read the whole profile and learn about excessive earnings by the CEO in only 8 years while the company was not performing excessively well. Learn about animal abuse at their facilities… even turkeys (Butterball) being sexually abused right there on the premises. Learn about financial fraud. Learn about a whole bunch of stuff.

Gladly I saw that I do not use a lot of the products listed there, but it’s no wonder that I rejected most of them for having too many preservatives or sodium. Wesson, Libbys, Swiss Miss, Reddi Whip, Real… the list is very long. Oh, Responsible Shopper has profiles on many, many companies; it’s worth checking out, even if you are not interested in this recall.

Well, I got out tonight to shop for groceries. Not a stitch of Valentine’s stuff left over in the isles… maybe some red M&M’s (not on the list). I really wanted to get out to get my favorite diet soda. I rarely drink soda, but since this diabetes thing, I been feeling really deprived lately, so I had a hankering for it. This great soda is called Canfield’s. It’s chocolate fudge flavored diet soda and it also comes in cherry chocolate. This soda doesn’t even come in non-diet form; or at least I am not aware of it. 0 carbs, 0 sugar, 0 everything… yet it tastes great.