I apologize to my readers for not posting in a while.  We are getting ready for Little Drake’s 2nd Birthday party on Saturday.

Another reason is that I have been having problems with BlogDesk.  I uploaded it and passed the tests, confirming connection to my blog here, but I get a “forbidden” error code when I try to upload a test post.  There should not be a problem, I followed all instructions during set up and did not get a message saying that something was not right.  I got the “go ahead” from the setup wizard and still nothing.  I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with this.  I have no experience or knowledge with off  line publishers or programming, so I am really at a disadvantage.  I know that WP was having issues last day or so; but I do not believe that this is connected.

I did get a response from Mark, and followed his suggestion, but to no avail.  He said this was a “strange” error… but as I said, I’ve not had the leisure time to be diligent about following up on this issue.   I wrote BlogDesk, too, but so far no response at all.  I read stuff on the WP forum, but no issues there match mine… indeed, I wish they DID because then I could say that I am connected.  I can’t even get a hit, let alone to first base with this.

Another thing is that I use the Firefox browser, but nobody is saying that could be the problem… so my hands are tied right now.  I hate this… I wish that I could get a live person to walk me through this… silly, as the setup was pretty easy to follow.  I went right through, without making any changes and even got to connect to my already-existing categories on WP.  The program even advised me that a pic I wanted to use was too big for my blog… so there is “some” connection.

Oh well, if anyone who reads this can help, I would sure appreciate any advice available.

Have a great Day!