Such great news.  Many thanks to the faceless,  nameless support person at BlogDesk!  Someone from BlogDesk support commented on my last post that they could not find my post, which prompted me to search for it on their site.  I did not find my post; or maybe I commented on one of the existing posts.  What I did find, however, were new posts with the same issue I was having.

I followed one of the suggestions from the moderator and poof, my issue was gone… at least I was able to upload a test post, with just a few words.  My next trial will be uploading pictures, but I understand that others are having problems with that… but it looks like those are being worked out and progress seems to be updated, so I’ll know where to look when I am ready to work with pics.

Still getting ready for Little Drake’s big day tomorrow. This is turning into a big party, as opposed to my little gathering originally planned.  I am so glad that I did most of the cleaning, a little each day, this week.  With just the family, in the past, I was a bit lax because they know that I am not Suzie Homemaker; but this time, I invited some friends from church and some family that was never here… so really important to have a “presentable” home to when I show them around, I will not be embarrassed.  I even managed to hand a couple of mounted prints that were hanging around for a couple of YEARS.  All it took was getting my butt down to AC Moore to find hanging implements that you can just stick onto the wall, without nails.

Gotta runnnnnnnnn.